MeFur meetup at BLFC - May 12-15
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Sat May 14 at 1:30 PM, Grand Sierra Resort - BLFC Main Event Space
2500 E 2nd St, Reno, NV, USA (Map & Directions)
Metafilter has a number of furry and furry-friendly members and lurkers. Biggest Little FurCon in Reno from May 12-15 seems to be the spring con that everybody is going to. Let's have a meet-n-greet in the Main Stage space near the artist's alley at 1:30 PM on Saturday.
BLFC hasn't published their schedule yet, so this will be updated as things get firmed up and MeFurs figure out if they have any conflicts.

We can migrate from the main stage area to mini-golf, drinks, bowling, karts, or whatever else strikes our fancy.
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Oh, yeah, I'm totally into this. Do you have an idea about what to do with the meetup, or do you just want to find a place and time to gather and freestyle it from there?
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I hadn't thought about doing anything other than just getting together and winging it, but an activity sounds like a good idea. Go-karts and mini-golf are both free for attendees, I'd be up for either, although mini-golf would probably be better for socializing.
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Mini-golf sounds good. Bowling is also on-site? Or maybe just sitting and beverages and bullshitting. Any of it sounds good to me. I met a MeFi furry at my first con, and keep meeting them at every con I go to, and it is always excellent. :3
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Bowling is available but not free, IIRC, and can be busy - the only time I tried bowling last year, there was a tournament going on.

Beverages and shooting the shit would also be good. Mini-golf is also going to be weather-dependent, so we may have to improvise. So, we're back to getting a time and a date nailed down and then winging it. :)

Howsabout tentatively Saturday at 2PM, in the Main Hall? There's no event schedule yet, so we can adjust as necessary when that comes out.
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Saturday May 14 at 2pm in the Main Hall. With Colonial Mustard and the candlestick.

Yeah, let's just pick a time and place to meet, and we can figure out "what" from there.

This sounds good to me! :3
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Hey, hackwolf, did you post this as just a meetup, or a regional meetup? Curious....
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I thought I did, but any time I edit the info, the "Regional" box gets un-checked. Is there a way to see whether or not an event has been tagged as regional?
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Crap, I didn't poll everybody about this, but: I moved the time up to 1:30 to give us some extra time before the fursuit festival. Rowan and I are going to need to bail no later than 3PM to go suit up for that; I figured we could talk about this if needed, and revise if necessary when a BLFC schedule actually gets posted.
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I think we're all okay with whatever. I mean, it's a con. We'll all be there already, so whatever time is cool. We will revise as necessary until we all stand face to face. :3
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The BLFC event schedule is now posted. If anybody wants to reschedule the meetup, now would be a good time!

Also, at this point I'm not entirely sure I'm going to make the con, and I'm kind of a flaming wreck due to work and other stuff, so I may have to flake out. I'll try and remember to post here if I do...
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Hey guys! I'll try to be there at 1:30, provided I correctly identify the main hall. My badge name is "Scrambles" and I think I'll be wearing a neon green t-shirt tomorrow. It'd be cool to meet!
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Hey seiryuu, would you be down for just getting together later? I sent you MeMail with contact details; there's the "Fursonas" documentary between 1 and 2pm that some of the party were interested in. If I don't here back from you, I'll see you there though. :)
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Hey, disregard that, we're here. In the hangout space next to registration.
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