Charleston, SC - wanna hang out?
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Thu February 25 at 7:00 PM, Hominy Grill
207 Rutledge Ave, Charleston, SC, USA (Map & Directions)
Hello Charleston MeFites! I'm currently planning a trip to your lovely city from February 24-27 (leaving in the morning on the 27th), primarily with the goal of Eating All The Food, and I wondered if anyone wanted to have a meetup. Edit: I picked a time, date, and location (semi-arbitrarily, so I can be flexible); let me know if you can make it!
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Those dates may be tough for me, but I'll see if I can free up some time once a date is settled on. I also Eat All The Food basically All The Time here so I can suggest plenty of places to eat/drink either for the meetup or for the rest of your trip. Where will you be staying?
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Awesome, I'd love to hear any suggestions you have! I am staying on King Street, right in the middle of the downtown area.
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Most of the new (and better) restaurants are now in the upper King St area (say, between Calhoun and Spring St) if you're staying in the main peninsula. It'll help to know what kind of food/drinks/price range you're looking for but my general suggestions for that area are Fish (best food in Charleston for the price, especially their new Winter menu that is FANTASTIC), the Macintosh, Indaco, the Grocery. Less expensive options are Rarebit, the Westendorf, Hom, and Monza. This is also where several college bars are in the area, so unless you're into that, avoid Prohibition, Midtown, and the Public House. Check out Proof, Belmont, or Stars (ONLY FOR THE ROOFTOP BAR, the food is mediocre at best).

This is getting long so if you have any specific questions or want to know about areas outside of upper King, let me know.
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Thanks so much! I will check these out and add them to my long and growing list of restaurants and bars to visit. My price range and tastes are pretty much "anything goes" (although I'm trying to make sure I have at least a few budget-friendly options, so thanks for that) so general recommendations are exactly what I was looking for. I guess the one question I would have is where I might go to catch some live music? I'm especially interested in bluegrass/folk/Americana but seeing a local rock band would also be fun.
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I'd definitely be up for meeting up if my schedule works. Hope you enjoy Charleston!
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I'm not sure of those dates will be good for me, either, but if I'm here, I'll try to meet up! I have yet to actually attend a MeFi meetup!

Check out the Charleston City Paper online. You can pick specific dates for Live Music. I just saw 2 or 3 rock/Americana bands playing downtown on the 24th (doing a quick search).
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The main music venues in the area are the Music Farm (on Anne St, right up in the area where I recommended all the restaurants), the Pour House on James Island (about a 5-10 minute drive from downtown) and the Windjammer on Isle of Palms (maybe 20-25 minutes from downtown). I'm not very plugged in to the music scene here but I've been generally disappointed so I'll let other folks speak to it. The Pour House is probably the most likely venue to have the bluegrass/folk/Americana you're looking for, although the others might depending on the night.
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I'll be out of town that week, but one option for bluegrass is the Folly Beach Bluegrass Society - they host an open jam at the Grill and Island Bar on Folly Beach on Thursday nights. It's a restaurant with a small bar and enclosed patio - I've never been impressed with the food, but the music can be fun.

Folly Beach is about 20 minutes from downtown, and it's a funky little beach town. The Surf Bar has a great hanger steak & fries always on the special board...
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I'd be potentially down for a meetup any of those evenings except Weds. I'd vote for something not too far on the pricey end of the spectrum. Lived here for a year and a half and would be interested to meet local (and traveling) MeFites!
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OK, sounds like we can rule out Wednesday. Any preference for Thursday or Friday among everyone else?
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Thanks for leading the way. Hope I can make it.
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I'm afraid I can't make it after all -- work stuff has suddenly become unexpectedly urgent and complicated. Hope Charleston treats you well, capricorn, and that All the Things are delicious! Thanks for organizing.
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Bummer, dr. boludo! Hope your work stuff isn't too stressful. Since I still have at least one confirmed person, I'll plan to show up around 7 and grab a seat at the bar(? I assume there's a bar since they serve cocktails?) I'll be the 5'1" woman with a plaid shirt and bright orange jacket.
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Also yes, Charleston has been excellent so far and I had a show stopper of a meal at the Macintosh last night.
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Jk, no bar! I'm at a table in the back.
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