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So, I think there's a handful of MeFi folks in Belgium. Would anyone be interested in a meet up around the end of February or the beginning of March?
I'm an American living in Flanders, and I don't know many people here yet. I thought it would be nice to meet some Metafilter people, who tend to be nice folks! I don't know Brussels very well, but I thought it might be a good central place for a meet up. So if people are interested in meeting, I would appreciate suggestions for places to go.
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There are a few of us, but I've had a slow burning crusade to make the few of us part of a BeNeLux meetup community with the awesome Dutch mefites. Later today I'll memail some of them to see if they'd be down for another beer run to Belgium.
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Great. Thanks for doing that. The more the merrier, I say!
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Beer run times are the best times!
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I'm potentially in, but I have a conflict for the last weekend of Feb. Have yet to go to Brussels longer than a Eurostar layover, so it would be neat to see more of it than the taxidriver making a stand against a drunk passenger and throwing her luggage violently to the pavement in front of applauding spectators.
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I'm ashamed to admit that we actually did a beer run back in October, and even added the Struise Brouwers to the itinerary this time, which was so awesome that we're going to do this every time from now on. But not sure that we can justify another beer run so soon after the last one.

But we might be up for a meetup if plans can be firmed up.
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Oh, hai; I just moved to Brussels!

Anytime before Mar 12th works for me.
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