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Wed December 15 at 6:00 PM, Cherrywood Coffeehouse
1400 E 38th 1/2 St, Austin, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
Cherrywood Coffeehouse, Wed., Dec. 15th at 7pm. Come meet and welcome out-of-towner xenophile and in-towners all-the-rest-of-us.
Cherrywood has inside and outside seating areas, coffee, tea, beer, wine, sparkles, great cheese fries, and pixie dust.*

* May not actually have pixie dust.
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Aha, found it. Will be bringing Mr. immlass.
posted by immlass at 5:58 PM on December 6, 2010

Wow, my last final is over at 4:30, then my daughter's Christmas play is at 5:30 (NO CRYING HE MADE FOR JESUS WAS ASLEEP ON THE HAY), and then I can probably make it. Hooray!
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(in case you missed it from the other thread:)

Hey y'all,

Cherrywood has a cozy little side room (a recent addition), and I just inquired about reserving it for our meetup. It requires a $40 deposit (that will go toward the first $40 in food and beverages we order), which I'm happy to cover. It's available from 6 pm to 9 pm that evening. Shall we move the start time to 6:00? And then if anyone wants to hang past 9:00, we can just migrate to the main part of the coffeehouse, or go elsewhere.

Sound good? OK!

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side room reserved!
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is it ok to bring an infant along? if not, i can see if her dad will come over to watch her. either way is cool, just trying to narrow down the options.

it'll be yay to see MeFites again - been too long!
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(also might bring my brother - he really enjoyed the experience in March and this is on his b-day)
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i don't see why you couldn't bring an infant -- i see people at Cherrywood with babies all the time, and the reserved room is spacious enough that there shouldn't be any problem finding a nook to attend to her needs if you need to.
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Way to go, slappy_pinchbottom! Thanks!
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righteous! we'll be there!
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Will be there, hopefully with a future MeFite (Christmas gift membership for the ol' SO). So psyched!
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Aw man, that's like 4 blocks from my house! It's my local coffehouse ('cos Thunderbird is lame). But I have to work that night and so I can't make it :(
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I'll probably be showing up around 6:30 and will either celebrate or lament the semester.
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With the switch to 6 PM, I should be able to make it for a little bit. I have a birthday function to go to which starts around 8 or so, so I can't stay the whole time. I'm looking forward to finally meeting some mefites after all these years!
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dangit! we're possibly fighting colds, so we're going to keep ourselves quarantined.

see proposals for next month, though!
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Ugh, I am really sorry to be lame but I apparently have a fever and Mr. immlass pointed out I should not infect every MeFite in Austin and beyond with whatever I have. Sorry to miss you guys and I hope to see Team Austin in January.
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Good times, folks. The shout outs are posted.
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It was great to meet you all last night and I love the coffeehouse. For those of you who were sick, I hope to meet you next time. Hopefully I will be a real Austinite by then!
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