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Wed December 30 at 2:00 PM, Trouble Coffee
4033 Judah St, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey California Mefites, I'm visiting your neck of the woods again! What's doing the week leading up to New Years? Let's meet at Trouble Coffee on Wednesday afternoon?
I'm out in Sacramento, but can take a day trip in to the Bay Area, where more of you fine folks seem to live. I'll be in the LA area then Seattle next week, on my little West Coast tour.
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Yes! Our evenings are pretty booked, but we could do a daytime meet up.
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Hey, evie! Just saw this, and would love to catch up! (I'm the mathy guy you stayed with in Toronto some years ago.)

I'm around in the evenings one Monday and Tuesday, and we have a games night at my house in Oakland on Wednesday night that you would be super welcome to! It's easy to stop anywhere in the city on my way home after work any of these days. (We're camping in Point Reyes for new years, leaving on the 31st, so would probably have to meet up before that, unless you want to go camping for new years.)

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Ah, remembered I have tickets for East Bay Nerd Nite on Monday night.
I think they're not sold out, so that could also be a fun thing to do.
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I'll come in from Sac on Wednesday then, meet gingerbeer in the afternoon, and do games in the evening!
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Wednesday is good! I can bring rtha and possibly also ausdemfenster.
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I'm curious about Trouble Coffee after I read an article about it last year. Want to check it out? May be rather far out of the way for you folks though; any more local haunts that you favor?
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I also haven't yet explored Golden Gate Park, nor the Castro neighborhood (or anywhere south of Mission, for that matter).
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I have plans Wednesday evening, but am theoretically available Wednesday afternoon for doing something that's BART-accessible and doesn't involve tons of walking (I'll, uh, being carrying a bunch of stuff with me).
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Aaaaand I'm in Sac, but my week is pretty packed. :(
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Some other location options:
* Cat Town Cafe (reservation recommended), kind of between 19th St and MacArthur BART stations in Oakland, but not super close to either
* coffee shop near MacArthur BART: SubRosa (5 blocks)
* coffee shop near 19th St BART: Coloso Coffee
* San Francisco Public Library (main branch, nearish Powell BART, can get closer by cable car)
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Trouble Coffee looks accessible by the MUNI N line, which hooks up with the downtown BART stations, so that's doable for me if others are interested.

Any of the Oakland things are also fine.
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Yay, let's go looking for Trouble then! :P

mikurski, what's fun in Sac for New Year's?
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This is my first year for such, and I'm honestly not sure! Hence, plans for NYE with some friends.
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Girl Talk is playing in San Francisco if you want to drop an immense pile of money…
posted by Going To Maine at 4:13 PM on December 28, 2015

I would love to see Girl Talk but we're already seeing Patti Smith. Poor us! And less poor than getting tix for Girl Talk, even.
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Trouble may be cash only, btw, from one or two comments I've found online. They also don't have much indoor seating, just a little mini-park out front. Good for folks who want to join us but save some cash; but if I recall correctly, it's chillier out by the ocean than on the bay side of town.
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On my way in now via BART and then MUNI. I'm not sure how long it will take me.
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On our way via Muni and BART. I'm tall, heavy, and stubbly, with a black hat and leather bag and jacket
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On MUNI now. I'm the guy with two bags, one of which is black and boxy-looking.
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We're here, camped inside.
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We are now down the street at the Beachside cafe - 48th and Judah.
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Hope you guys had fun even in the drizzle! I'm just falling asleep at work here.
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Thanks for coming out to meet me, everyone!
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Bummer, am out of town or I'd have joined!
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