First time in DC
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Sat November 28 at 6:00 PM, near National Mall
Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
Hello fellow Mefites! I will be in your neck of the woods over Thanksgiving break and would like to gather for fun and/or festivities of sorts
I will be in town November 26-29 to attend a rally*. I know most people will be with family, but I was thinking sometime during the weekend to meet up for dinner and/or drinks. Such fun!

*The rally is Saturday, November 28 from 10 am - 1 pm at the Washington National Mall. Any time before or after works for me.
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This is exciting! For family reasons, the only day that works for Bulgaroktonos and me is Saturday the 28th but it would be nice to have a relaxing social gathering to which to look forward after a few days of family (I love both of our families but that doesn't mean it's not a relief when they leave).

Hopefully the same day will work for other people too! Yay! Thanks for posting this!
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Saturday is great. I was thinking dinner somewhere around town? I don't really know, so I welcome any and all suggestions! I am so looking forward to seeing DC and meeting all of you lovely DC mefites
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I was thinking Founding Farmers for a meal, any takers?
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Founding Farmers is very yummy but kind of expensive and will probably be crowded the weekend of Thanksgiving, plus it's a little more formal/sit down which I think is hard for meetups since we generally don't have a really firm idea of exactly how many people are coming (to be honest I always find this SUPER stressful but that might just be me). That said, it's really good, so if you want to meet there that's totally possible, but I would suggest in that case doing a meal at Founding Farmers and meeting for drinks somewhere else afterwards if that works for you?
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Honestly, I was just throwing something out there because I didn't know what else to do. Any recommendations Mrs. P?
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Sorry to put the onus on someone else, but I really just don't know what's best scenario
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I'm always down for drinks :), and I do agree that dinner for a meet up can be difficult. That saturday is iffy for me, but nothing is set in stone just yet, so I'm a maybe!
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I totally understand! My only concern is that if I make a suggestion it will be convenient to me (U Street/Columbia Heights) and we do a lot of stuff in that area which, as far as I'm concerned, is great because, again, it's very convenient to me but I don't know if there are people who are sick of meeting in that neighborhood.

That said, there are a ton of options! Are there any particular types of food in which you're interested? Something that's worked well in the past is getting Ethiopian food and then going nearby for drinks (this is very doable near U Street) -- this might also work well if people are sick of turkey and it gives people some flexibility if they want just dinner or just drinks.
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Sounds great, that area works for me and I haven't had Ethiopian food before. I like Mediterranean food and am interested in stuff to do in that neighborhood.
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Yellow/Green line corridor is convenient for me too (I mean, I'm part of the reason we keep having meetups there) and I'd love to do Ethiopian--it's especially great for a DC newcomer because it's kind of our specialty cuisine. Maybe a return to Queen of Sheba, which we've done before? It should be pretty easy to get to from the Mall since you can hop on any yellow train without worrying if it's a Ft. Totten train vs. Mt. Vernon Square train.
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(...she says, overwhelming poor lunastellasol with the complexity of DC's ridiculous transit system.)
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Epic, I'm loving this. Lol Capricorn, thankfully I'll have a friend as my +1 in tow who live in DC and can be my compass/tour guide. Sadly, he sucks at this kind of stuff so I'm grateful you all are giving such great recommendations!
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The extent of my knowledge re: transit systems is NYC subway is complicated and Chicago does it better. Maybe I'm biased. I'm looking forward to DC helping me break this crush of mine, the infatuation I have with Chi-town.
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(Disclaimer: This is a triple post, sorry!)

By the by, I know Ethiopian food is not Mediterranean, I was just answering Mrs. P's question.
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lunastellasol: "I'm looking forward to DC helping me break this crush of mine, the infatuation I have with Chi-town."

Hehe, can't help you there--I've lived in both and I still like Chicago better overall. But DC is definitely a dark horse among major US cities. Everyone talks about it like all we have is monuments and government offices, and there's a lot more to it! It's a fun place and I hope you'll enjoy your visit.
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Yeah Queen of Sheba is good, I would definitely go back there! It might be worth figuring out what bar we'd go to afterwards as well both in case people want to join us for drinks but not food and because there are fewer options right around Queen of Sheba than around, like, Etete. I think we went to Ivy and Coney (sp?) last time and there was literally nowhere to sit which wasn't the best thing. Like, I think they didn't own any chairs.
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There are a few new(?) bars I haven't been to around QoS apparently. This one. This one. It's also not a terrible walk to the Shaw metro, which has a ton of bars nearby.
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(n.b., I would probably prefer we didn't go back to Etete because of how much of a mess it was last time trying to split the check. I would be pro- going to Dukem, if we decide we do want to do U Street. They seem more accustomed to large groups, and I really like their special kitfo.)
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Shaw, where the Hipster Business Name Generator has achieved sentience and started running actual businesses.

That said, I'd avoid Ivy and Coney for seating issues, but I think any of the other places in that area should be fine.
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Yeah, I think we crossed the Hipster Business Names Event Horizon when "Salt & Sundry" opened up. It's hipster singularity from here on out.
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Hey did we ever finalize a when and where for this? Queen of Sheba? Around like a time maybe but I don't know what time? Fingers crossed -- I would love to see everyone!
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I think I am probably Ethiopian-fooded-out at the moment, but am up for after-dinner drinks and like the looks of Lost & Found's beer list.
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Sounds good -- we'll probably just go to Queen of Sheba at 7:00 and hope other people are able to come? Does that sound reasonable? We're totally up for something different so if someone has a different request awesome but hopefully this will work out and we'll get to see a bunch of you!
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Also if anyone who doesn't have my phone number wants to see where we are just MeFi mail me or use the email address in my profile and I will hopefully get it and be able to be in touch.
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We're inside, sitting down along the right wall.
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Hey all, sorry to say I started feeling unwell a few hours ago and it hasn't passed like I'd hoped, so I won't be joining later after all. Have a good time!
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I am actually exhausted as well so we'll probably head home. Hopefully see people soon!
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