Calendars are Hard; Goating is Not.
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Wed October 7 at 6:00 PM, Original World-Famous Billy Goat Tavern
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
I keep thinking the First Wednesday is this week. But because First Wednesday is instead next week, I am posting the regularly scheduled MefiChi meet-up.
Meet at the World Famous Billy Goat Tavern (Lower level of Michigan Avenue, cash only, we are pretty much always at shoved-together tables to the left as you enter the place) after work (usually around 6:00pm).

Decamp eventually to the Blue Frog Bar & Grill (LaSalle and Huron) for death-defying karaoke.

Be there or miss out. Your choice.
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My sister will be coming along, too!
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We are going away to visit my family in the days after this (my sister, who is not attending this meetup, is in a parade!), and I've been explaining when we were going as as "the Thursday after First Wednesday"; this got translated in my partner's head as "the first Thursday" so until two days ago, he thought we were leaving town tomorrow.

Our discussion trying to clear this up was basically a calendrical "Who's on First?"

Conclusion: Calendars are hard!
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Yes, definitely!

I'll have started a new job 2 days before, and gotten married 10 days before, so much celebrating shall be had.
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So it's done, now, Bevos? CONGRATULATIONS!
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How do people feel about nametags?
Do people still want nametags?
It seems like every few meetups somebody says we should do nametags again.

I can help make this happen, somebody just needs to remind me.
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How do we feel about Halloween fascinators?
I know how people feel about Halloween costumes this early.
But not fascinators.
I don't have to make my house presentable for houseguests as expected this weekend. So I may make it a hot mess by making a fascinator.

I like name tags. We should use McMikeNamara's trophy guy for some snazzy permanent ones.
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I didn't know Andy made nametags.
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I know I favorited it this weekend, but I just wanted to say in a separate way how much I appreciate this joke. SO MUCH!
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I'm also pro-fascinator, and especially Halloween fascinator, but I think I've got to be on record as "always pro-fascinator" either officially or by almost every IRL comment I've ever made.
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I understand the desire for nametags, but I'm pro either faking your way through a conversation not knowing someone's name, or just asking them.
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That's easy for you to say, Steve.
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I agree with Steve on this actually but will write my name on anything visible (including hand, not including face or clothes) if people bring a Sharpie.
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If we had nametags you'd know his name was Joe.
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I am bringing a friend who has the same first name as me, so we can share a nametag.
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Hey everybody: thank you for being you.
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