Beer and sausage
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Sat October 17 at 4:00 PM, Red Lion Tavern
2366 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I want to drink beer/cider/other stuff and eat sausage with you folks at the Red Lion Tavern sometime soon.
Not really that complicated. Our own mefi mini octoberfest.

Come drink! Come talk! Come eat sausages!
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Consider wresting control of the trivia night crown from those damn CN animators while you're at it.
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Also, True Life Carsonb Red Lion Tavern story:

I was drunk and craving cheese.
Nothing on the at the Red Lion Tavern's traditional German pub menu has cheese.
No queso.
No quesadilla.
Not even a nice simple cheese and fruit plate.
But they had head cheese.

Head cheese is not cheese.
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I'm in. I have some stuff to do vaguely floating around the weekend of the 3rd but nothing in ink yet. It would be easier for me if it happened on a weekend.

Also, I'm unlikely to make it when the Seahawks are playing. Other than that I'm wide open.

My true life Red Lion story:

One time a friend of mine ordered the German Wiener Soup (I don't know how Vienna became German, but whatever). We were expecting to see a bowl of soup with cut-up wieners in it. But no - they brought a mug of soup with a 10" wiener sticking out of it.

I love that place.
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Hi! I'm new to Los Angeles, but would love to come along and meet some MeFi folks.
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Would love to attend, depending on the date and time.
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I'm so in. Anytime after 10/3 works well for me.
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Sure. Weekend of 10/10 is out for me.
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October is kind of a mess AND we're moving (not too far) but I will look forward to updates!
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I'd like to come! I have family coming around the 10th, but if it's then I'll make them come with me. Sunday or Monday is my preference for days.
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I almost certainly will be there. And I'm in week five of asbestos chaos. But! It should be over by the next meetup.
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I'm in, but also have the 10/10 restriction.

How about setting up a doodle poll? (Credit: Celsius 1414*)

*Let this serve as my official crediting of Celsius 1414, in perpetuity.
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Vote early! Vote offer! So far Friday the 2nd of October is in the lead, but lots of people still need to vote.
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Ok, it's been a tough fight between Friday the 2nd and Saturday the 17th, but Saturday pulled through!

So I'm going to set up the meeting for 4 PM on Saturday the 17th. Hope your schedule clears up Parasite Unseen and you can make it after all!
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Wish I could make it, but I'm going to see Florence and the Machine that night.
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Say hi to them for us! I won't be able to make it then, either; I don't get off work in time to make the drive. Raise a beer for me!
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Btw, we can take them in trivia. I know we can.
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Heading out now. See you fine folks in 50 minutes or so.
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Eta 4:40
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Rednikki and I are here. She has multicolored hair. We scored a big.booth in the lower level.
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I am about 10 min out
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Traffic. Google says 450.
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Great to meet you all!
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Thanks to everyone for coming! I had a great time!
posted by bswinburn at 6:21 AM on October 18, 2015

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