Toronto honours Lemurrhea
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Sat September 19 at 7:00 PM, Jason George
100 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1E1, Canada (Map & Directions)
Aaron Mintz (Lemurrhea) died suddenly this week. (Please see this MetaTalk thread.) We're getting together at one of his favourite venues, the Jason George, to remember him and toast him and miss him so damn much. Please come by if you can.
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We might be having company this evening, but if not then I'll join you all. This is so sad.
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His family has told me that they are organizing a celebration of life in Toronto on the weekend of the 25th, if you're interested in coming out and meeting with his friends from other areas of his life. I'll update when I know more details.
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Kitteh and I are in Kingston, sorry to be missing you all and wishing you well through this. Our condolences.
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I am bringing a card for his family that everyone can sign. LoRichTimes will take it to the funeral in Ottawa.
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FYI: the reservation is in my (IRL) name, but I also had them put it under "MetaFilter" - so if you show up and can't find us, you can ask that way.
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I am here at the Jason George with mandolin conspiracy and his husband. We're in our usual spot. See you all soon.
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Whoever Bruce is - he didn't leave his MeFi name with the pub - he is kindly buying our first round. Thank you so much, Bruce, you're very kind.
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Heading over from the Dome shortly – see you soon...
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That's from LN and me. Glad that the bartender was able to make it work.
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Oh, you're lovely. Both of you. Thank you for thinking of us tonight. Wish you were here with us.
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That is super classy, bonehead.

Sorry I can't be there, didn't want to leave my son on his own tonight.
Raising a toast to Lemurrhea up here at Bloor and Bathurst.
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Just got home from the Jason George. It was so nice to be with all of you tonight. Thank you everyone.
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Sometimes, you meet people from the internet, and they are all lovely and kind, and then you find yourself still out at 6 in the morning. Thank you everyone for sharing your memories, your warmth, and your passion. I hope to see you all again soon under much better circumstances.
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That was a special night. Thanks to all who were there and thanks to all who couldn't be but thought of Aaron (and our thirst, blessed be bonehead and LN).
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