Past the mission, I once knew a hot girl
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Fri September 11 at 7:00 PM, Virgil's Sea Room
3152 Mission St, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I am visiting the Bay Area for the first time and would like burritos, booze, and MeFites.
I'm not sure if El Farolito serves alcohol (website is down), so if a native can recommend a place that serves excellent burritos and excellent drinks, I'd be much obliged. VENUE HAS BEEN CHANGED TO VIRGIL'S AND EVENT IS NOW BYOB (BRING YOUR OWN BURRITO).

Also, I listed this for Thursday because I figured more people would be free on short notice on a weekday, but I'm also up for Friday if it suits more people. THIS HAS BEEN CHANGED TO FRIDAY.
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I'm busy on Thursday, but free Friday.

Yelp says El Farolito is beer & wine only. If that's okay with you it's okay with me. There's also a million hits for taquerias I have never heard of that have good reviews and full bars, which might be fun for margaritas or something.
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El Farrolito has my favorite Mission burritos within half a mile of my apartment (which includes tough competition) but it would be very crowded for a meet-up, especially at dinner time, and as noted only has bottles of beer (and wine? I don't recall).

But it would be a great place to start, and then we could wander to The Phoenix (for another Mexican-style restaurant), Dovre Club (a more divey option), Virgil's (which seems to have become a default around here but has great cocktails, a big patio, but no food), or somewhere else in the area.
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I'm headed to a concert up the street later, so I might be able to stop by for a few hours beforehand!
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Oh! I thought the Airplane! meetup was that day, but that's next week.
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:(((( Alas! booked.
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Shoot, I'm out of town. Have fun!

(I'd actually recommend the other El Farolito a bit farther down 24th if you want to actually meet people since it's often less crowded and is still pretty central. They're both awesome though.)
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The other option for combining booze and burritos is to have the meetup at a bar (traditionally the Mission Bar on Mission at 23rd) and everyone brings their burritos or tacos to the bar.
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And of course, I'm always a fan of Virgil's!
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And and not free on Thursday but I am on Friday.
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ausdemfenster and I are both in for either Thursday or Friday.
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I'd like some place where everyone can sit down and easily converse and mingle, so it sounds like transporting burritos would be better. Would any of the places mentioned work for that?

Mission Bar
Dovre Club
The Phoenix
Any other candidates?

Fancy cocktails are everywhere in New York, so I'm pretty over that. I'm in more of a Mexican mood (I plan to eat SO MANY burritos) so good margaritas or other tequila drinks would be great if people can think of a handy place.

Also, it's sounding like Friday is better than Thursday for more people. mountmccabe and ausdemfenster, can you guys make Friday?
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Ah, mountmccabe, you read my mind! Any objectors to moving this to Friday then?
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I don't think I can make it Friday, but have fun!
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Virgil's has good mezcal drinks (including a very tasty pitcher of margaritas). With the weather as warm as it is blech it'd be a shame to waste their excellent back patio.

We (gingerbeer and I) are maybes, I think - she's got a bad cold and I am apparently wavering on the "will I or won't I?" edge of coming down with it.
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La Taqueria is also right there, as is Cancun.
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Virgil's back patio is one of my favorites!
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Mezcal drinks are tasty! Does Virgil's have a problem with people bringing food in?
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No problem at all. Bringing in food is totally fine.
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Then let's go with Virgil's, and I'll change the time to 7pm to give people time to get their burritos. Any objections or counter proposals?
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There's also a bbq joint across the street (Baby Blues), as well as Chinese (Jasmine Tea House) and a Vietnamese (Lotus House Garden) a little further south on Mission, in case people aren't feeling burrito-y. And there's Rosamunde's for sausages at 24th and Mission if you want that. Word has it that San Jose (next to 24th St Mission BART on the SW corner) has the BEST carnitas.
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Taqueria San Jose: I wasn't impressed by their carnitas (I am partial to mine) but their Al Pastor is stellar.
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Does Virgil's have air conditioning?
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Ha ha ha ha!
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Not sure I can make it, but I would throw Salvadorean food into the mix for a first-timer in the area. The place across the street from Cancun has good pupusas and pastelitos.
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If you mean El Zocalo, they have, very sadly, closed.
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No, Los Panchos, next to The Royal Cuckoo. I did like El Zocalo better tho.
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If we're early enough, my MeFi-active human vs. the one who just hears about it all the time will bring a super burrito from La Espiga De Oro, that hole in the wall on 24th/Florida with visibly justified sketchy sketchy health scores, reliably long long waits, and yummy yummy everything.

Otherwise, maybe the Kobe burger, rare, from the sausage & pie place in the old Discolandia store. Or maybe the beef tongue with pickled golden beets. Consistently high health scores, consistently indifferent counter staff, consistently necessary to check your to-go boxes before leaving.

Yes, Porniac, Virgil's has air conditioning. Of sorts.
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I will try to come ...
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I might get there around 7:20, but I'm guessing the lines for places will be super long then. Maybe I'll bring something from downtown instead?
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I will be there and I am likely bringing a Mefite from London! I'll be there around 8 p.m. (Halifix, I think you can get food without super long lines.)
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Okay, it's Litereally.
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This nicely fills a hole in my schedule and burrito-sized hole in my stomach. I'll come by.
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Actually I can't read -- Litereally may not get in in time -- but I'll be there!
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We are heading over to El Farrolito to procure dinner and then will walk down!
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Hi I am here early, I'll be the red haired one looking at my phone, going to get a seat in the back. Plz say hi to me.
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I'm so excited I came early too! (I'm sorry, some of the excitement is for the burrito.) I'm the blonde with dark glasses and red lipstick looking hungrily at her burrito bag and talking to bleep. We are in back. Patio doesn't look to have space for 10 but we can migrate if people want.
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We migrated outside because the music was loud inside.
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I am the one standing in a slow line at la taqueria, if someone wants something.

edit: nvm
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Sorry, we are bagging tonight. I feel like crud and gingerbeer has laryngitis. Have fun and hi!

(If anyone wants something to do tomorrow evening, we're going to our friend and tattoo artist Tanya's art opening at Blackbird bar, on Market. Starts at 6. She's a splendid painter and Blackbird has splendid cocktails.)
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I'm heading over now.. see you all in ~15m!
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I'm now in the La Taqueria line. See you guys soon.
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sorry. I'm trying not to talk
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We are now the large group in the back corner.
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Feel better rtha and gingerbeer! Also hugs from Seattle!
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I am said London mefite Claudia mentioned and I am at the airport waiting for my uber to come to the bar. So if you'll still be there in an hour I will be there!
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Thanks for coming, everyone! It was great to see or meet you all!
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It was fun! Thanks for organizing it!
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By the way, I'm just bumming around the Bay Area today, so I'd love to stop by your friend's art show and check out Blackbird (which I have heard nice things about) and meet you, gb and rtha.
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And thank you to rtha and gingerbeer for a second meetup and filling me in on SF area political issues!
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Delighted to! I hope the rest of your visit was good.
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