Tokyo Meatup
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Sat September 19 at 7:00 PM, Beer Animal
Kanda Kajichi 3-3-21 Seika Building 1F, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan (Map & Directions)
I'm going to be in Japan for a few weeks and my only regret is that there are only three meals in a day because there's so much I want to try, including the fine American-style hand crafted meats at mefite Ghidorah's place Magical Animal. Join me?
I've also heard great things about the Tokyo mefite contingent, and would love a chance to meet y'all. Hopefully the weather will be better than the last Animal gathering in April. I'm coming in from rainy England, however, so absolutely can't guarantee that I'll bring any kind of good luck in that department. Bonus comment: I'm flying over with a relatively empty suitcase in hopes of bringing it back laden with various treasures from Japan so there's an arbitrage opportunity for anyone who is interested in Cadbury chocolate or Jaffa cakes or whatever else it is that people miss from Blighty.
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Hi there, just a heads up, we're over in Kanda now, and the address is

Kanda Kajicho 3-3-21 Seika Building 1F.

We're about one minute from JR Kanda station (north exit, turn left, go straight, just before the softbank shop) and about twenty feet from exit A4 of the Ginza subway line Kanda station.

We'd be happy to have you guys over, as of yet, Saturdays are a bit slow (we've moved to a business district, weekdays are a bit busier right now), so it would be fun to have people come in and see the place.
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Just in case, the link is here (yeah, it's facebook) and there should be a decent map attached. The place is actually named Beer Animal, as it's collaboration with the folks that used to run the beer box at the old location. A colla-beer-ation, if you will.
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Magical Animal is dead; Long Live Beer Animal! I think the map is correct now - Ghidorah can you verify?
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That looks right. See you soon!
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Damn, going to be out of town until the 20th. Next time!
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I'll be in the U.S. :-(
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So is this plan a go? Turnout seems rather low but I'm still eager to try Ghidorah's meats!
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I will definitely be there and hope to meet more Tokyo mefites. Tiny Meetups can be great: I formed 50% of the Metafilter contingent at this Paris Meetup (along with the Whelk).
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I will most certainly be there, and Saturdays have as yet been kind of slow, so once everyone's been fed, I might even be able to chat a bit. It'll be nice to meet new folk and catch up with others. Bring an appetite!
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I'll be a bit late but I'm on my way.
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Thanks, likewise! Fantastic burger I had, will definitely be visiting any time I'm in the neighborhood.
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