Tokyo Meet Up for ovenmitt
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Tue April 14 at 7:00 PM, Magical Animal
3 Chome-8-34 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to 107-0062, Japan (Map & Directions)
Mefite ovenmitt is going to be in Tokyo pretty soon, and mentioned she'd like to stop by my new shop in Omotesando. I've seen a good number of Tokyo Mefites in the last two weeks, but pretty much just one at a time. Maybe we can get together and have a proper meet up? We were mailing back and forth, and Tuesday, April 14th seemed to work best.
For my part, my shop is where I am all the time, and while I asked the mods if it would be okay according to guidelines, I understand if people aren't thrilled by the idea of having a meetup here. On the other hand, if it is okay, I think it would be great if we could get together and give ovenmitt a proper Tokyo welcome.

So, it seems like things are pretty set. Our place is across from Brooks Brothers, in the Pop-up@Aoyama complex. We're in Box C at the back, past Brimmer Beer (Box A, good beer) and Iro Kara Karaage (Box B). Looking forward to seeing you all!
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Yeah, I think I'm in (although I might be on the late side ...) Can't really have too much Magical Animal in one's diet. (Or can one?)
posted by woodblock100 at 1:14 AM on April 3, 2015 [1 favorite]

Definitely interested. I was meaning to drop by your place sometime, and this will get me off my butt. What time are you thinking?
posted by Bugbread at 1:28 AM on April 3, 2015

Not quite sure what ovenmitt's schedule will be like, but maybe something like seven? Dinner, beer, and the like?
posted by Ghidorah at 1:55 AM on April 3, 2015

Ok, I'm confirming.
posted by Bugbread at 4:07 AM on April 3, 2015

April 14th is no good for me, but I'll need to drop by the shop another time!
posted by 23 at 7:20 AM on April 3, 2015

/emerging from lurk mode
I think I will be able to make it, and maybe get jetmanifesto out as well!
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Rats. I am pass through and flying out of Narita on the 13th.
posted by Nevin at 10:22 PM on April 6, 2015

Hi! I would like to come along and say hello, too. I know a few Tokyo Mefites IRL but would love to meet more. Plus, I like beer and meat!
posted by jet_manifesto at 3:29 AM on April 8, 2015

Consider yourself welcome, jet_manifesto. The more the merrier
posted by Ghidorah at 6:06 AM on April 8, 2015

Yo, "Maybe" people, get yourselves into the "Yes" bracket!
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posted by brappi at 8:43 PM on April 8, 2015

I'm in. It's been too long since we've had a proper meetup!
posted by armage at 8:47 PM on April 10, 2015

Ohayo gozaimasu. I know this is kind of late to confirm but would there be enough room for me if I dropped by tonight? It looks like rain and I'm not sure what the roof situation is like there.
posted by misozaki at 3:21 PM on April 13, 2015

There is plenty of room, and the deck in front of the three boxes is covered. I was hoping for better weather so we could use the deck upstairs, but yeah, it looks like rain.
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Aw, man, after all that pressuring people to go, I've gone and caught a cold. I've been trying to get over it, going to bed at 9:00 every night, but it looks like it's here to stay, so I've gotta cancel.
posted by Bugbread at 7:34 PM on April 13, 2015

Sorry to hear that. I was definitely looking forward to seeing you again. Take care, and get yourself some chicken soup.
posted by Ghidorah at 9:26 PM on April 13, 2015

I'll definitely drop by the place on some regular day. I was planning to anyway, and then this came along.
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Thanks to everyone who came out, it was great to see you (and meet new people). I'm not sure if anyone noticed the sign out front, but I forgot to mention it. Our sign out front is drawn with chalk, and with our lovely weather, it's pretty much all washed out, so I figured I'd put up a metafilter and seasonally appropriate sign, hence the arrow pointing to the "A Summer in a Day reading group"

Seriously, thanks again for coming out on such a lousy weather evening. It was great to see you.
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A+++, would come again!

Thanks for a great night out folks!
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lonemantis and I can't thank y'all enough for your warm welcome on a cold night. The food was incredible and the company more so.

As our thank you, please accept this gift of sunlight and warm temps.
posted by ovenmitt at 12:19 AM on April 15, 2015 [1 favorite]

Secrets of the universe revealed! ovenmitt is the goddess of the sun and fine weather!
posted by Ghidorah at 7:02 AM on April 16, 2015 [1 favorite]

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