PDX Chocoluck Dinner Party
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Sat October 31 at 5:00 PM, home
7707 N Fiske Ave, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
The ketchup meetup reminded me that I wanted to throw a chocolate party! How about Halloween? OK! A Chocolate Potluck it is!
Me & sibilatorix are writing a chocolate cookbook for a small, mostly-vegan audience. Basically everything we eat has to have chocolate in it until we finish writing the book. Chocolate everything! Cocoa butter in our muffins! Cocoa powder in our curries! Our salads! Our breakfasts! Our beverages! Chocolate in our potlucks!

There are a couple ways we could do this.

1) Potluck style. Everyone bring a dish that contains chocolate and we all enjoy a chocolatey feast together. Those who want can give us their recipe and if we use it we'll totally give you credit and probably a cookbook. (I have a million recipes I need to test if you want suggestions.)

2) We could all make a complicated mole or moles together (like the marmalade, soap, and catsup meetups). We could then either can it (can you can mole?) or eat it then and there as a sauce on something.

What fun! This Saturday til 9ish (our housemates go to bed by 10, so we're hoping people will head out by 9-9:30ish)
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We could all wear witch's hats and lab coats peer into beakers and cauldrons of chocolate?
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We can host in North Portland. We have the kitchen for it.
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Sounds awesome. I would be down for a potluck-style gathering.
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I can make it, with something delightfully chocolatey!
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I am so, so in. I can make some of these delicious brownies, or at least use that recipe as a starting point; they're not vegan, but I bet I can figure out substitutions for the egg and honey.
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That sounds like fun!
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We have loads of kitchen space so if anyone wants to do kitchen-related things after you get here, that's totally okay.
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Woah! Good thing I changed my profile location back to Portland and found this just now! Yay chocolate, I am interested. The thing that comes to mind as a good idea right now is pancakes, but maybe I'll dream up something else!
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I've been having these thoughts about persimmons. I don't eat them very often, but they have a really interesting flavor from what I remember. I was thinking about a persimmon salad with chocolate dressing- is this crazy? Can I even find persimmons at the store?
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I think persimmons would match a chocolate dressing nicely. I have the flavor bible out, so I'll just pass along their list, in case you find it useful:
moderate-loud volume
bake, broil, raw

and are known to go with:
cashews cheese, esp. creamy, goat
chile peppers, serrano
chocolate, white
cream and ice cream
grapes, esp. red
lemon: juice, zest
liqueurs, esp. orange
maple syrup
oil, hazelnut
olive oil
pepper, black
rum, esp. dark
salads: fruit, green
sugar: brown, white
sweet potatoes
vinegar: champagne, red wine, sherry, white wine
wine, sweet (e.g., Suaternes)
I'm also happy to brainstorm ideas with anyone who wants to bring something and hasn't been inspired yet.
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We've got trick-or-treat time with the kid, so I'm going to bow out.

Secretariat: yes, you can get persimmons in stores! I've seen them at Fred Meyer and Trader Joe's already this season.
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Oh! This is on Halloween at 4pm? Darn, I really can't do that, that's exactly trick-or-treating time, and I have a kid who's very excited about it. If there's ever another chocolate meetup, I'd love to go.
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Awww. Have fun with the trick-or-treating!
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did you guys ever checkout the food blog khymos?
The cauliflower angle has me thinking gratin. And chocolate seems like it can fit into some kind of modded red eye gravy. I'd like to get a handle on how to emphasize the earthier characteristics of chocolate.
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Also listed on khymos was mushrooms and cocoa. I could see that working. Interesting!
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Frozen mushrooms are on sale at New Seasons. I'll give it a try some time! We're probably going to do crepes, some of which will have cocoa muhammara for the party.

Someone else we know was talking about bringing cocoa curry.

How does one emphasize earthy characteristics in other foods?
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Sprinkle a little topsoil in there and—wait, I'm not sure I'm doing this right.
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I'm pretty sure I have seen people use liquid vacuum distilled from soil in a recipe as part of literally trying to capture the terroir of a place.

When I talk about emphasizing earthiness I basically mean pairing with food that tend to taste earthy and the stuff that goes well with earthiness. Not sure if I can describe earthiness out side of examples. But it does kind of taste like dirt. Mushrooms are a good example. Beets and rutabagas. Most things one would keep a root cellar, probably not coincidentally. Pumpkin (Pumpkin, chocolate and walnut cheese cake is really good). It's a not flavor I think about much so while there are a few things I think of as being earthy I don't have many developed ideas of how they would fit together or other things that would go compliment that specific aspect. I tend to associate it with gaminess too, so it seems to add up that prosciutto.

Doing some testing tonight to see how to fine tune stuff before tomorrow.
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Is there any call for pot chocolate?
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So I think I'm bringing a cocoa wheatberry persimmon salad. I'm still kind of making it up as I go, but the goal is more salad, less dessert- but still a little sweet. If the whim strikes me, I might make squash/chocolate chip muffins too, since that's a pretty reliable tasty thing.
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Hah! We've got some chocolate beet filling for the crepes. I just tasted it, yum.

Pot chocolate - I won't eat it, but if everyone else thinks it tastes good, I'll put your recipe in our cookbook.
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Ouiiiii that was fun! Thanks for coming and for all the great recipe ideas!
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Thanks for having us over! That was fun, and tasty, and food-thought provoking!
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