Burgers and Burgertime! (Old Town Pasadena)
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An Old Town-centric meetup! Two events, one parking requirement, but also RIGHT OFF THE GOLD LINE! Hooray!
Let's go to one of the great burger/gastropubby places, and play some classic video games at the Neon Retro Arcade! Or vice-versa!
My suggestions are below, but if anyone has a better idea, please post!
- King's Row (gastropub)
- Lucky Baldwins (british pub)
- DogHaus

As they're all open roughly the same timeframe, would you rather play games, then eat/drink?

Looking at the end-ish of September.

Update 8/27: DoodlePoll Up!
Update 9/12 Putting a pin in this to try later this fall, due to lack of response.
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Weeknight? Let's do food/drinks, followed by games.
Weekend? Let's do games, followed by food/drinks.

Slater's 50/50 is good, but it can get crowdy. Lucky Baldwin's or King's Row are both solid choices. Congregation is also good (that and King's Row will have the best food options); it's a chain, but it would let us easily have separate checks. SO basically, any of the food options are good, with a slight downvote for Slater's.
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This sounds fun. I've been to Neon Retro and had a good time with it -- if Gauntlet is still there, there's even options for group play! The challenge for me would be getting over from the West Side...
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I used to literally haunt Old Town about fifteen years ago but haven't been back in ages. I think Lucky Baldwins is the only name I even recognize on that list much less an actual arcade. So yeah, sounds like fun.
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Cool! Those are all good food options, although my vote for best burger in Pasadena actually goes to Dog Haus Biergarten. They serve delicious burgers on Hawaiian rolls dripping with chili, eggs, avocado, etc
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weston, do you have a car? I'm coming from Santa Monica and I'll make my way to the Red Line to the Gold Line. Maybe we can coordinate?
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If it's a weeknight, please let's eat first. Then games!

All these places are on Raymond, the street I have dubbed The Wallet-Emptier (Blick, Stone, Slaters, and ACCD's south campus.)

I'm down with any of those four restaurants; and would also suggest the Luggage Room, if you guys like good pizza that's right off the train stop. (It can get insanely, stupidly crowded, though.) They helpfully deliver right across the courtyard to Stone Brewery, however…
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I'd need something sans beef.
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I just voted for a few weekend days, but I will totally defer to the weekday/weekend night people, because there aren't a lot of these that come up.
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Aww. Do repost this again, it will be fun!
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