Meet the cortexretariats in the Triangle
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Sun August 23 at 4:00 PM, Mesa Latin Kitchen
2701 Hillsborough Road, Durham, NC, USA (Map & Directions)
Cortex and Secretariat will be breezing through RTP the weekend of August 22, and so we're going to meet at Mesa Latin Kitchen on Sunday at 4 PM.
If you listen to the podcasts, you'll know that they've been in Huntsville, Alabama for the summer while Secretariat works on an internship. Now that's winding down, their current plan is to take the long way home, dropping by here to say "hi".

Who's in for a meeting and greeting? And, uh, fooding and drinking?
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Fantastic! I've been meaning to suggest one at The Rockford, if Raleigh isn't too far for all the Durhamites/Chapel Hillians.
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Looks interesting. They'll want advance notice for over 8 people but we can't place a reservation unless we have at least 15 people.
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I'm in!
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My one issue is that I have a newly diabetic cat who needs insulin shots, so I can either do something where I get back from the meetup by 7 p.m. or leave after 7 p.m. from Durham.
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Are we talking about doing something that Saturday specifically, or at some general weekend point? My Saturday is kind of booked but I would love to see everyone!
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What you see is what's been planned so far. In other words, things are pretty open.

Weekend afternoon meetups have generally been easier for people than evening events, so I'd tentatively propose that we do this thing on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
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I work Saturday nights, but I'd love to see everyone.
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What about brunch on Sunday? That would solve Stewriffic and leesh's issues, and it might be easier to get a table for a semi-large group, though I don't know how busy the Rockford is for brunch. Obviously, another location would be fine, if others have ideas.
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I'm in for either day!
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I'd also be down for a lazy outdoor afternoon gathering at Vin Rouge here in Durham.
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While I love the idea, I don't know how possible a lazy outdoor afternoon gathering at Vin Rouge will be that weekend, given new student orientation at Duke is on Aug. 18 and classes start on Aug. 24. Any well-known place easily accessible from Duke might require reservations being made soon.
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I'm floating Mesa Latin Kitchen in Durham as a possibility - they don't have brunch hours currently and open at 4 pm, so it would be a late afternoon / early dinner meetup. In its former incarnation as Gregoria's Cuban Steakhouse it never seemed to get crowded even with its excellent food, so it might be easier to snag a reservation there.
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I want to try that place out too since it just opened like a week or two ago - my vote is cast for Mesa Latin Kitchen.
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It looks like it used to be a strip club, so I'm sure there'll be plenty of room to move around and accommodate people.
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The Rockford in Raleigh sounds like an option for brunch, Mesa like an option for merienda and beyond.
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Hey all, we are thinking maybe Sunday will work best for a meetup- we will probably drive over on Saturday, stay the night, and be ready for whatever on Sunday. So it sounds like brunch or lunch/lazy afternoon works best for most? (I am very sympathetic to the diabetic cat owner schedule- we have one as well. Not with us, she stayed in Portland!)
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I'd love to try Mesa Latin Kitchen also!
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> It looks like it used to be a strip club,

It might've been some time farther in the past, but for the previous few years it had been Gregoria's, a Cuban steakhouse that was pretty great but seemed to fly under the radar of the local foodie networks.
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One thing to remember about Sunday brunch, especially if we are going some place that does not take reservations, is to arrive well before noon. In this part of NC, alcohol can only be sold after noon on Sundays, so at brunch places selling alcohol the crush starts near noon. So, say, for Sunday brunch at The Rockford, meetup time would have to be 11 am when they open, with possibly people arriving earlier to line up (Rue Cler in Durham routinely has people lining up before restaurant opening time for weekend brunch). Vin Rouge brunch starts at 10:30 am.
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I'm in for Sunday afternoon/evening, a maybe for Sunday brunch, all of those places sound good!
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Dang it; I'm out of town that weekend. Have fun!

(on another note, just found out yesterday that MeFi's Own John Scalzi will be in Raleigh this Wednesday, speaking at Quail Ridge Books at 7pm)
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I emailed The Rockford to see about the feasibility of seating a group that may be just under/over their reservation limit for Sunday brunch. I'll let y'all know if they respond. I'm up for Mesa Latin Kitchen as well.
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I'm in! Humble Pie also has a great brunch if people want to drive to Raleigh. We would definitely need a reservation.
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(I was also already planning on going to Quail Ridge on Wednesday - anyone else?)
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Frabjous day: roommate had a change in plans so (for kitty care issues) I had to switch mine. I'll be in town for this.

Restaurant brunches can be so crazy that I'm inclined toward the mid-afternoon chilling thing, but whichever cortex & Secretariat prefer is fine by me.
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I'm a fan of mid-afternoon beer.
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Sounds like more folks are down for the afternoon rather than brunch (which I certainly understand - I'm not really all that big a fan of brunch either), so I'll retract the brunch suggestion, if that streamlines the planning process.
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Whatever works best for people- we're in it to meet mefites, then we'll build the rest of our visit around whenever that happens. I like brunches ok in general, but it's usually a bit of a hassle with a larger group. Afternoon sounds nice, and maybe easier for people to drop in/drop out?
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Mesa Latin in the afternoon it is?
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Works for me!
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I'm in!
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Ok, Mesa it is!

I'll phone in the reservation this afternoon, so if anybody who's still on the "maybe" list can commit, now's the time. (It probably won't be hard to tack more seats mid-week, I suspect.)
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I'm probably in. The only hitch is that I have a family thing earlier in the day. So long as that concludes in a timely manner, I'll see you guys at Mesa Latin. And if anyone needs a ride from CH/Carrboro, let me know.
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Sounds good to me; I'll be there, possibly with spousal MeFite.
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Reservation made: 4:00 PM, August 23, Mesa Latin Kitchen.

If something comes up -- either you hadn't committed but now can, or vice versa -- let me know and I should be able to get the reservation updated.

In general once you get over a dozen people at a table, packing a couple more isn't too great a challenge, but we want to at least be sure they'll have enough chairs.
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> Sounds good to me; I'll be there, possibly with spousal MeFite.

It'll be great to see you again!

Be sure to update your status (and plus-number) with the "Joining Us?" widget -- that's the tally I'm working from.
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Thanks, ardgedee, and back atcha. Have widgeted as suggested.
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I'm in, too, and looking forward to it!
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I am checking with the spouse, we may be in!
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I've upped the reservation from 14 to 22 seats.
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Sorry, I had to move back to a maybe because I haven't firmed up childcare arrangements yet.
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I'll keep the reservation at 22, barring a drastic shift in the yesses or nos. At this point it's going to put them out more to get continued updates on the seat count than it will be to add/remove a couple chairs as needed while we're there.
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Also, it means we can play a fun game of Chair Football if we get bored.
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I'm going. And I'm really excited about going. So.
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I'm still excited!
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I can't make it. Have a great time!
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I thought it was at 2! The place isn't open! Hahaha. Glad I live close! 4pm it is.
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Now I'm gonna be a little late because I just wounded my toe. Gonna ice it for a bit and then I'll be on over.
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Ack, toe injury!

We're here, a few minutes early but sitting at the great big table to the left.
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Yep. Ask for the big table or just listen for the cheap puns and butt jokes.
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OK, getting ready to leave. See you in 10 min or so.
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Sad to say, we've been overtaken by events and can't make it. Hope y'all have a blast. Will be with you in spirit if not in spirits.
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Aaaaaaahhhhhhh! Leesh gave me her money and I forgot to leave it!!! Is there anyone who I can send money to??
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Are you sure? I remember seeing spare money on the table. I think Rock Steady made sure that end of the table was settled, so he might be the one to check with?

Great meetup, thanks everyone for showing up. It was super nice to meet you. If you're ever in Portland for some reason, let me or cortex know and we'll hang out!
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Yeah! Thanks so much to everybody for coming out; it was great to, variously, meet you or to see you again. I had a really nice time.
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Well, mediareport and I chipped in a few bucks to cover the slight shortage, but don't worry about my portion - you can buy me a Diet Coke at the next meetup if you want.

That was so much fun, as usual. It was great to meet cortex and Secretariat, and super great to see the rest of you again. More meetups, please! Maybe a potluck sometime?
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Yes, you are all the best and this was really fun!! Sorry for leaving early and thus causing money confusion. :)
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I'm pretty sure money confusion is mostly caused by the oppressive capitalist system under which we're all being both subtly and overtly subjugated, but maybe that's just the popsicles and Laphroig talking.
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So awesome to meet youse, so fun to see youse again, stoked about the pompierri family pizza night, and thanks for the loco pops stamps! Looking forward to another IRL event in September!
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Great seeing you all, too! So great to meet Secretariat and see cortex again. And the food was delicious - thanks, Durhamites, for turning me on to a neat new restaurant.

(Stew, don't worry about the money, it's a beer, which I'll hold you to at the next meetup if it'll make you feel better. :)
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Great seeing all the Triangle MeFites, and meeting cortex and Secretariat! I'm excited about the possibility of Pompieri family style, too!
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OK, Rock Steady and mediareport. I owe you both a beer or two. It was so awesome to see everyone!
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I won't be able to make the Lisa Sorg meetup tomorrow, which is a bummer. But here's another IRL, let's meet up at Pompieri's Family Meal Night some time in September.
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