Visiting Tokyo!
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Hello lovely Mefites of Tokyo! I will be visiting your amazing city for the first time and I would love to meet you. I will be staying in a hotel in the Ueno neighborhood, but I will happily go to anywhere you suggest. I'm hoping to see some unique Tokyo nightlife. I was thinking the night of August 13th would be best. I land on the 12th and I fear I may be a bit jet lagged that day.
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Judging from past proposed meetups, craft beers seem to be popular with Tokyo MeFites, so I'd like to propose meeting at the new beer bar Wiz near Ochanomizu. I've been there once and they seem to have a nice beer selection, comfortable seating, and acceptable snacks.

Alternatively, Maach Ecute in Akihabara is having a beer event called Beer Arches, with inexpensive craft beers from around Japan. There's not much in the way of food though....
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There is - as of yesterday - another alternative. After being shut down at his Omotesando location, MeFite Ghidorah is now up and running at his new shop in Kanda … with both beer and bites. I know that he wouldn't propose it himself, so I'll take the liberty of putting the idea into play …

Their Facebook page has a map, etc ….
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Oh I'm definitely up for that!
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Awww, I'm going to be in Tokyo this Saturday-Monday, so I'll miss it. :(
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Wiz is indeed pretty nice, with a good amount of space. Our place, Beer Animal, is indeed up and (sort of) running, although we're still working on some aspects of it. One benefit of our new location is that we are pretty close to a lot of other places, so if hopping around is something you've got in mind, we're within walking distance of Wiz, Craft Beer Market Mitsukoshi-Mae, and Devilcraft Kanda.

And emmling, if you'd like to stop by, the new place is closed on Sundays, just so you know.
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That sounds lovely. Ghidorah, I'm looking forward to seeing your place. What time works for everyone?
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Anytime is fine with me....
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Yeah, I'm pretty much guaranteed to be here, so any time you folks feel like wandering in is fine with is!
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I think 7pm is a typical time for weeknight engagements in Tokyo, so I will propose that. It will give everyone time to move on in case they want to check out more nightlife in the local Kanda area.
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I feel the need to apologize, but we're actually going to be closed this week to figure out some things and fancy things up. If we are doing a meetup, we're going to need to find another place. Horribly sorry about that.
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Should we aim to meet at Wiz at 7pm? Ghidorah, I hope you will still be able to join us.

P.S. I have some American junk food to share--so far it's individual size bags of Doritos and Reese's. Are there any special requests?
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I'm honestly not sure if I can make it, but I'll try, if only to just say hello. Wiz is a pretty nice place, and is reasonably easy to get to.
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Wiz it iz....

I think it's new enough that we won't need a reservation (especially during Obon). And I think some of the staff speak English.

Although perhaps not the person who picked the name for this beer bar.
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Hi everyone! My flight was delayed and I just landed and got through customs. I'm headed to my hotel in Ueno and then if people are still up for it, I'll head to Wiz. See you soon!
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Welcome to Tokyo!

Wiz is on the ground floor of Water ad Tower.
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Er Watteras Tower.
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Three people is still a meetup! Fun was had, various animal cafes were discussed and rated!
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Sadly, I've moved across the sea to that nation with the dirty air... Enjoy Tokyo!
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