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Sat August 1 at 11:00 AM, Victoria Memorial, Buckingham Palace Roundabout
Victoria Memorial, London SW1A, UK (Map & Directions)
1 August is the Ride London event, where a route through central London will be closed off to motor traffic [PDF], and everyone is invited to come and cycle through the safer, more quiet streets. Let's ride together for a stretch!
The route circles around The Strand, Holborn, and the City, covering quite some ground. There are events various points on the map, with music and food and other things to do. People can enter the route from any point.

Note that while the site mentions registration, you do not need to register to ride! The registration simply gets you a rider number you can use to request photographs of you that may be taken by event staff, and possibly a bag of promotional items.

As I will be coming to the event from Ealing with the group ride organised by our local LCC chapter, I've picked an arbitrary initial meeting point of the Victoria Memorial dais in front of Buckingham Palace. I expect better alternatives will present themselves as we organise.
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Well It looks like the skies will be clear tomorrow, which should help turnout immensely.

If you're coming, what do you think about when and where to meet up? As I said in the description I kind of arbitrarily picked my most likely point of ingress. Are there events you're looking forward to, places to stop and have a coffeee, or what?
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Well, as nobody made contact to meet up at the event, I wish all of you who are there a good time!
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Sorry -- I intended to attend but had some mechanical difficulty, so I'm still in Cambridge. Happy cycling :)
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That's all right. It was a great time!

I ended up riding back to Ealing with a later group, and escorted a family of four with their bakfiets through the wilds of Chiswick (there was cake!).
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