Tokyo Midsummer Meetup
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I am in Tokyo for 6 nights, July 17-23. Would be great to have a meetup during that time. Haven't been in Tokyo for 15 years so no idea on what a great location might be, though someone mentioned Ghidorah's.
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Uh... We're actually closing this Saturday. We rented our shop from someone who was renting the land, and the land has been sold, so the shop is coming down. We're going to try to get a new shop up and running, but we're not sure how long that will take. On the plus side, I might be free for a meetup!
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Oh no! We're in Kyoto from July 22-27 and Tokyo from July 28-August 2.

We were hoping to see your place Ghidorah... looks like we'll miss both this meet-up and the bar. If our dates change, will check back in.
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Tokyo MeFites, can someone in the maybe column propose a time and place sometime between the evening of the 17th of July and the 22nd. I am up for anything, anytime. Just let me know where and when.
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Just a couple ideas, but I don't really know how useful they'd be:

One, the 17th-19th is a holiday weekend, so places are likely to be crowded. It's also around the end of the school semester, so that's another complicating factor.

For my own part, I'm a beer person, so the places I know are mostly drinking centered. I would suggest places like Craft Beer Market (they have branches in Jimbocho, Mitsukoshimae, Toranoma, Koenji, and Awajicho), or a Baird Taproom (they have shops in Harajuku, which does yakitori, and Nakameguro, which does pizza). There are other places, of course, but I'm out in Chiba, and not all that familiar with Tokyo.
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Jeeze, Ghidorah you had an actual physical shop?! I've been away from the blue for way too long!
I nominate the Nakameguro Taproom, though I'm a bit biased as I proposed to my waifu there and know the chef. Another possibility would be a similar place in Akasaka, the YonaYona Kitchen, but while they have good beers on tap I'm told the food is tasty but expensive.
If nothing else, maybe Ghidorah could host again like he did a year or two ago, though it's pretty far out in the sticks and would likely be an inconvenience for him.
If attendance is low, I know a tiny churrasco place in Sangenjaya that will leave everyone a corpse due to having their minds blown by the deliciousness.
Oh, also there's a Baird Taproom in Yokohama that does expert-level BBQ (head chef lived in Texas for many years, or so I'm told).

P.S. does anyone remember Samm's user name? He's always been pretty enthusiastic about these meetups and I'm sure he'd like to be notified.
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Let's pick something soon (which we can always change). I am up for anything though pizza is preferable over yakitori. As I am only here for a brief time quirky and interesting wins out over food for me but ymmv.
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Huh, I'd kind of forgotten, but there's a beer event going on during the weekend of the seventeenth at Ikspiari, the mall in front of Disneyland. Mrs. Ghidorah will be helping out one of the brewers there. Might be worth a try (I'll be there at least one day, though I could go again, probably.

The link is in Japanese, but they'll have some decent Japanese beer there (Minoh is crazy good).
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I'm kinda strapped for cash, so paying to get way out there on top of what will likely be premium prices is not attractive for me. I vote for Nakameguro.
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Not that I don't like Baird, but the beer in their taprooms is ¥1000 a pint, which is pretty pricey. For the event at Ikspiari, beers are ¥600/12oz cup, and the different breweries will all be selling snacks as well.
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Once again, sorry for the late arrival - I wish there were some way I could find these threads other than randomly stumbling over them. (How does everyone else find them?)

I'd be up for something tomorrow (Ocean Day holiday 7/20) or later in that's too soon. If it's tomorrow, one idea is Craft Beer Server Land in Iidabashi. They tick all the boxes - centrally located, inexpensive, not super crowded, and open on holidays. They have 25 taps and beers are Y480/glass or Y780/pint, and while not all the beers are stellar, you can usually find something good.

Craft Beer Market Mitsukoshimae also has good price performance, but they tend to get very crowded. DevilCraft (Kanda or Hamamatsucho) is probably the best in town overall in terms of beer and food, but they're more expensive.

My list of Tokyo beer bars at

Anyway, I will boldly but tentatively suggest Craft Beer Server Land in Iidabashi for tomorrow (Monday) early evening (5pm say?), and I can call them tonight to reserve a table if some people want to go. (I tried calling just now, but nobody's there yet.)
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So are we pulling the trigger on this? Who's on for tomorrow?
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I just called Craft Beer Server Land to confirm that they're open on the holiday, and indeed they are, from noon to midnight.

(I always mentally call them "Craft Beer Server Farm" for some reason.)
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How does everyone else find them? (these threads)

In your Profile, there is a checkbox for 'Receive IRL alerts …', which I presume uses your location to match up with suggested meetups.

(Kind of busy here this week, so can't join for beer right now, sorry … )
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