Seattle Beer/Cider Bottle Share?
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I have beers aging & beers from Oregon, I'm hoping that there's people in the area of a similar mindset on here. If so, we should meet up for a bottle share.
Seattle; the Pacific Northwest. Land of creative and novel craft beers & ciders. I've been getting into buying some for aging (as well as occasionally bringing a case or two north from Oregon), and those usually aren't the sort of beers which are best drunk alone. This is where you come in.

Maybe you're in a similar situation. Maybe you want to get into beer/cider but aren't sure where to start. Maybe you just want people to talk/drink/play cards with. One way or the other, hopefully we can gather up (and if it turns out well, semi-regularly even) and share fun finds.

I'm in the middle of the city and my building has a nice patio, which'd provide well for a potential location, but if something better comes together, I'm definitely amenable.
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I do not have a gargantuan collection, but I have a half-dozen bottles of locally-brewed barrel-aged bottles, most of which have been in my cellar for a year or so. My ability to randomly pursue a drunken evening is reduced by circumstance, but with enough planning this can happen.
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