This is a clever joke about Trivia
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Wed June 10 at 7:30 PM, Joe Sent Me, Cambridge
2388 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
You know the drill, my tater friends. Wednesday. 7:30pm. Joe Sent Me, Cambridge. Geeks Who Drink. Questions. Prizes. Fun.
BONUS: Food for thought--Starting on June 15, John Harvard's will be offering Geeks Who Drink trivia on Monday nights. We could return to a bigger venue (with better food) in Harvard Sq. Discuss.
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John Harvard's is a bit more difficult for ignignokt and me to get to - not impossible, though. And there are about a dozen things on that menu I'd like to try.
posted by Metroid Baby at 6:31 PM on June 7, 2015

Mondays aren't as convenient for me generally, but I don't have a strong opinion otherwise.
posted by backseatpilot at 6:33 PM on June 7, 2015

Hmmm...probably a little harder to get to, but food def looks better. Mon vs Wed is the same for me. I will be happy to follow popular opinion.
posted by maryrussell at 7:56 PM on June 7, 2015

The food is better, and the day doesn't matter to me, but more or less having to pay for a convenient place to park is kind of a bummer. It's a bummer which I gladly put up with back at Tommy Doyle's, though.
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I'm fine either way. Joe sent me is more convenient for me, but I wouldn't mind the excuse to go into Harvard sq. more regularly.
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I dislike Joe Sent Me (they have neither food nor beer I am interested in) so I am positive on a move, but will go with the crowd's decision baaaaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaa
posted by maryr at 8:18 AM on June 8, 2015

No one seems to have a strong opinion so far. I think we should at least give John Harvard's a shot.
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As a restaurant, I like John Harvard's much better than Joe Sent Me. And I will confess to really hating trying to find parking on Mass Ave. So my self-serving vote is to try out John Harvard's.
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I would vote against John Harvard's this time around, only because I'm most likely going to be out of town on June 15th. For the future, my feelings are mixed. Joe Sent Me is somewhat more convenient for me (there's basically no good public transportation route between my apartment and Harvard Square, but then again I did that 30 minute walk as my daily commute for a couple years), but John Harvard's food and beer are certainly better than Joe Sent Me.

One last thing to consider: knowing the nature of the places, I suspect the competition at John Harvard's may be a little stiffer than at Joe Sent Me, which cuts either way, depending on if you want a good challenge or just want to crush your enemies, drive them before you and hear the lamentations of their non-gender-specific spouses.
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I don't think it would hurt to do a few nights at John Harvard's and see how things shake out. Seems like it's generally less convenient for most people, but I don't know whether it's "eh, another ten minutes on the bus" inconvenient or "our team has only three people this week, again" inconvenient. I know a few of us are coming from roughly the same part of Somerville, so maybe some sort of carpool setup would be a good idea? Then again, driving and parking in Harvard Square = bleah.
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I can carry someone on the back of the tandem if they are feeling adventurous.
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...and by carry, of course I mean that you will help pedal. It's only fair.
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We chose Joe Sent me because the day and location were semi-convenient and stayed because it wasn't objectionable, but there's no reason we couldn't go back to the list of bars Geeks Who Drink uses and decide on something other than Harvard Square or Mass Ave. I think we just found something acceptable after Tommy Doyle's closed and said "Good enough."
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Eh, I take it back, the only other place that looks remotely convenient to me is in Union Square, Somerville, which is no better, if not worse, for the non-Somervillans than Harvard Sq.
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In real estate, location is everything, and in comedy, it's the timing. Harvard Square on Mondays is much more convenient for me in both time and location.
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Hey, I'm in this thread, too!

[Chats with unnamed MeFites in background, then shuffles away. Walks off-camera to collect paycheck for episode appearance.]
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I posted the meetup as regular Joe Sent Me for this week, so I figured if we were to move, it wouldn't be until next time at the earliest, which would be June 22, not June 15, since we go every other week.

Also, I think if anything our track record when we were playing at Tommy Doyle's in Harvard Square was even better than it has been recently, though who knows who will be at John Harvard's.

John Harvard's is also a much bigger space, so there might be less jockeying for tables. Maybe.

Did everyone used to drive to Harvard Square when we were at Tommy Doyle's? I can see why driving there is less preferable.

We can continue talking about this on Wednesday.
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Oooh, I know--we could all drive to Everett and play at the Night Shift Brewery.

And there's always Allston.

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I would totally go to Everett, but I know that's not reasonable for most people. But Allston, really, come on. That is fucking beyond the pale.
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Hey, topoisomerase, we're sitting by the portrait of Mick Jagger.
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