Sunset Bike Ride to Richmond Hill, 17 June from 7pm
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Wed June 17 at 7:00 PM, The Roebuck pub on Richmond Hill
The Roebuck, 130 Richmond Hill, Richmond, Greater London TW10 6RN, UK (Map & Directions)
Several West London branches of the LCC are organising leisurely group rides to converge at The Roebuck pub on Richmond Hill. We'll watch the sunset, and then ride back en masse after dark. Groups will leave from departure points in Ealing, Hammersmith, Hounslow [PDF], Wimbledon and other boroughs. Departures vary between 7pm and 8pm, so see links or inside for details.
Meeting points/times for the boroughs listed above:
  • Ealing - Depart 7pm from Ealing Town Hall.
  • Hammersmith - Depart 7:15pm from the observation deck at the end of Queen Caroline St.
  • Hounslow - Depart 7:45pm from Brentford Market Place.
  • Wimbledon - Depart 7:30pm from the Stag statue, outside the Wimbledon Railway Station main entrance.
Try to show up around 15 minutes prior to the departure time for chitchat, organising, and general communication of details.

Everyone will converge on the same pub and mingle before sunset, but if you're going it could be helpful to comment on which borough's group you'll be riding with. We can arrange a complete meetup at the Roebuck, but can also make contact at any departure points where that makes sense.

Sunset is at 9:20pm on 17 June 2015.

Don't forget to bring functioning front and rear lights for the ride back!
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I'll be riding with the Ealing group.

I'll be the portly fellow on the black Gazelle omafiets, wearing a helmet that looks like somebody stretched a grey flat cap over it. I'll probably tuck a card saying "MEFI" or similar onto my bike somewhere as well.
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The ride back is apparently a festive affair, so I'll be decking my bike out with all kinds of goofy lights for the return trip!
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That's right around my neighbourhood/ride to work, but I probably can't make it Wednesday, disappointingly.
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That's a pity, guy, but maybe I'll catch you on one of the other ones.

I ended up going to Tiger and grabbing some cheap LED lights and giant glow sticks. Kind of excited to strap all this tat to my bike, now!
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Well I have to say it was amazing, and the friendly atmosphere was perfect. We had about a hundred people at the top, maybe more, and I hope next year some more mefites could come and make contact!
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