June, the Goatening
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Wed June 3 at 5:00 PM, The Original Billy Goat Tavern
430 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
First Wednesday is next week. Join us at the Goat for food and tiny beers after work. Follow along when we decamp to the Frog (676 N LaSalle) for booze, awkward dancing and the finest karaoke you never sang. 2015 has been dialing the awesome way up and I hope you will help us keep the trend going. Seriously, folks, why are you not joining us?
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Crush! You beat me by 8 minutes! We must have the same internal calendar.
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You also must now have a duel to the death.

Sorry, it's in the bylaws.
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I have looked everywhere. I can find neither my copy of the bylaws nor my dueling trousers.

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I'm appreciate that there are no bylaws easily found but I am totally more interested in the idea of dueling trousers and if we need to go shopping for them as a group at any time, please let me know ASAP.
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Now I've mislaid my dueling gauntlets so I'm inclined to call the whole thing off.

Which I suppose means "I yield"
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I reject this duel on the grounds that apparently I'd have to put on pants.
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gah. this week is way too busy and I have not even made it to lunch on Monday yet.
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Today was stupid but even if tomorrow is too, I'll have Goatening.
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Oh god this week has been ridiculous.
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I'll be at the Goat a little early, then I'm going to disappear for a bit and pop up again at the Frog. Also, if anyone knows of a secret nap spot in the Loop, let me know. I'm going to need it.
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yay, moms!
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Can't make this one, sorry!
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no worries, as long as your Mom can make it.
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I'm here. Woot!
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I see how it is. The one time I'm early no one else is.
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I'm direct to Frog this evening, unexpectedly. I'll show you my ashamed face when I arrive.
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You guys are amazing and I love all of you.
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I feel like I let you down. The sportsball distracted me.
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I had some, let's say, issues with pacing yesterday afternoon and evening, and though I have no real regrets, I hope everyone feels the same way.

I'm sure next month will be much better because I'm never more responsible than on a Wednesday that starts a four day weekend.
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Oh. Oh shit.
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