Meetup at Mission Dolores on June 5th
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Fri June 5 at 8:00 PM, Mission Dolores
249 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey, I'm coming to Brooklyn on the weekend of June 5th to beat around and be a tourist for a bit. Anyone want to get drinks/dinner in the area? I heard the 4th Avenue Pub was good, but I don't know the area, so I'm open to other venues, and any time between Friday afternoon and Saturday night is fine by me. EDIT: Let's go to Mission Dolores! If people would prefer a different time, I'm definitely open to changing that until like a week before I come down.
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4th Avenue Pub is drinks-only - I mean, there's the popcorn machine, and you can bring take-out, but they don't serve food, if you're looking for a drinks+dinner venue.
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Yeah, can we please not do 4th Ave Pub? I'd be happy to suggest some other places, hopefully with a back yard in case the weather is nice. The only thing they really do is beer, so you can't grab a bite or a decent cocktail.
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By "drinks/food" I meant "drinks and/or food" - if people want to go somewhere else, I'd be fine going somewhere else.
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What was that bar we went to one winter meetup, where it was freezing because of the entry door/wall was mostly glass? I think it had some kind of outdoor courtyard that seemed like it might be better for a summertime meetup, and some of us got dinner first at a nearby place with a pickle-based menu. That was in Brooklyn somewhere, no?
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That was my meetup, oh yeah! The pickle place is the Pickle Shack and it is across the street from Mission Dolores, the glassy bar. Threes, which is a bar with beer, cocktails, and a rotating food menu, is also nearby and pretty nice. (Unfortunately I am going to be away that weekend but hope you enjoy your stay, Rustic Etruscan!)
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Mission Dolores is a nice bar. And they have a Theater of Magic pinball table.
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Sorry I'll miss you, ferret branca! Mission Dolores seems nice, as does Threes. Any other ideas/particular preferences?
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I'm obsessed with 4th ave pub because I only care about popcorn and beer so I hope I did not steer you wrong! Let me know if you need a place to stay or similar :) I might make it up the weekend this happens.
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I will be there for this after all!

Mission Dolores sounds nice and I love pinball so that's my vote!
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OK, then. So are there any strong objections to Mission Dolores or any strong preferences for a different place? When do people want to go?
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Five days is probably enough time to wait for objections/suggestions. How about Friday night at Mission Dolores around 8:00?
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That sounds good to me.
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I'm going to be up there for a conference that weekend (anyone else going to State of the Map?) and was considering calling a meetup, wooooo yay thanks for doing all the hard work Rustic Etruscan!
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I'll prob come.
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I'm almost certainly going to get dinner at Pickle Shack to kill time between leaving work & going to Mission Dolores, anybody else interested?
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Updated 'maybe' to 'yes' -- how do I recognize you all without usernames under everything you say?
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Hi all - I decided to make it. Should be there around 9 or so. Please update if you move. Cheers!
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Just made it to the Pickle Shack, see everyone later.
posted by oh yeah! at 3:55 PM on June 5, 2015

We're right in front on the right, in the courtyard.
posted by Rustic Etruscan at 4:57 PM on June 5, 2015

Nice meet up, well done everyone.
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Yeah, it was great. Thanks to everyone who came!
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(Thanks also to those who planned to come but unfortunately could not, hope to see you another time)
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