Columbus, This weekend! There'll be Brisket.
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Sat April 4 at 6:00 PM, Brisket n' such at Toekneesan's
825 College Avenue, Columbus, OH, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey Columbus! The family is leaving this weekend and I'm alone Friday and Saturday night. Anyone available for a something?
I'm free Friday night, all day Saturday, and Sunday morning. Museum? Movie? Beer? Board game?
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Yeah! It's actually Passover this weekend and I was thinking of making a brisket and some kugel or something; if it's a small enough group I could bring some food wherever. I just have ballet rehearsal until 3 on Saturday; otherwise I'm free and up for anything!
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I'm free Friday or Saturday night!
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Either night works for me as well.
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I'll be helping to run the Columbus Brew Adventures Grandview tour on Saturday (tickets still available!), and I think we're going to do a Sunday IKEA run...but I'll keep an eye on this! :)

If you haven't tried Hot Chicken Takeover or Condado in the short north, I STRONGLY recommend them.
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I've been meaning to try Hot chicken Takeover. But I also love a good brisket.
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I'm not keeping particularly kosher for Passover, so I'd also be happy to go out somewhere! I'd invite folks over, but we live in a pretty small apartment and my boyfriend might not be super enthusiastic about having a gang over for the moment. But if we gather somewhere else, I'll try out my mom's brisket recipe.
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I'm more than happy to host. I live in Bexley, on College near Capital. But Hot Chicken Takeover has been on my list for a while. I can go either way, and of course both is also an option. If we do the brisket, I'll make sourdough bread. And I can probably provide a dessert. Jenny's is at the end of my block, and Graeter's is a couple of blocks up from that. ChuraChura, I love kugel, so if we can have only one starch, I'd go with that. But where's the rule that says only one starch? Also, being in Bexley, I could probably hook us up with some wicked matzo ball soup, should we choose an unleavened route.
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Jeni's. You can tell I'm new to the area. Dinner, my place, Saturday?
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Sounds good to me - I just need to check with my boyfriend. If he's willing, could he come too? I'll definitely bring brisket; don't know if the oven will support a kugel too.
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Of course the boyfriend can come. I think my oven can handle a brisket and kugel, if that's what you mean. Let's convene at 5, eat around 6. If the maybes don't chime in I'll provide a veggie, bread, and dessert—or maybe we'll walk up the street for ice cream.
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OK, sounds good to me. I can cook the brisket at my place and bring it over to finish - my recipe takes about 3 hours. Depending on when I get out of rehearsal, we may be a little bit late (closer to 6 than 5, I'd guess). I'll find a good kugel recipe and bring ingredients with us - that can cook while we ponder why this night is different from all other nights :-)
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OK! We're in! I'll bring brisket and some unleavened carbs, and maybe some good (i.e., not Manischewitz) wine!
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I've moved it to 6ish.
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Brisket is in the oven, charoset is about to be made! Beer is being grabbed! Looking forward to seeing you.
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OK, running a little late, but we'll be there in 10-15 minutes!
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No worries.
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ChuraChura, you left some matza and a wooden spoon. Let me know if you want those back, else soup!
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Oh, whoops! Well, you're welcome to both! It is a good spoon, but wooden spoons are not hard to come by!
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