Light Straw Clay Work Party! Someday!
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We're building a house! This summer! Here! In Portland! And we'll be using light straw clay! You can help!
We're taking plans to the city at the very beginning of April. Then the city will approve those plans, and then it will all start happening very very quickly.

Once the house is approved, I will be digging the foundation. With a shovel. Probably early May. Would love company. You can even help dig, if you like! Digging optional, could use the help, but really, company would be so nice.

THEN some time in late may, early June Junish: the foundation goes in, the frame goes up, and the 3-day work party begins! There's 1-3 days of stuffing the frame with a mixture of straw and clay. That's where the work party comes in! We need volunteers!

Burritos will be plentiful. And ice cream! Or hot chocolate.
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Oregon Reach Code for the curious.
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We are, erm, also still looking for inexpensive contractors for a lot of the house-building bits. So if you know people....
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Sure, I'm interested in helping! As for contractors- you could try making a mefi Jobs post and see what you get?

I'm getting a couple rooms of wood flooring installed next week- just replacing subfloor and the wood boards on top, then finishing- the joists and all that are already in place and staying as-is. I can let you know how it went when it's all over, if you're looking for someone like that. I'd say the prices we're paying are probably average, though. I'll try and think if I have any friends and family type connections.
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Mr. Rabbit and I are likely in; we've been interested in alternative housebuilding methods for ages. We're only a maybe because we just bought our own house and our project list is miles long, and we're also doing a beach vacation somewhere in there.
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I have experience with home remodeling and landscaping experience and I'd love to come help out and learn about the process!
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Oh ... the only consideration (and the reason I'm a maybe) is I work weekends - I can do any Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
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Curious about the status on this. Did your plans get approved?
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We are in the process of getting the plans approved. There's a checklist for structural and another checklist for zoning. Basically there's "if everything went perfectly" timing, and then there's reality. As it turns out.

We do fully expect to eventually get a permit and build the house, but the timing is not what was planned :D
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I'm probably not going to be able to help out unless it turns out things are still going on in September when I'm back in town- but unexpected delays being what they are, I'll stay as a "maybe"!
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