Hello Seattle!
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Thu April 16 at 7:00 PM, Marination Ma Kai
1660 Harbor Avenue Southwest, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
I am taking a long trip down the west coast before nursing school eats me alive and locks me in Philly for a year. First stop: Seattle, from April 14th-20th! I would love to meet any and all local mefites, but I've never been here and know nothing. Hope Me! Edit: Dinner at Marination Ma Kai on the 16th at 7 it is! Hope to see many of you there!
I'll be staying with my mefi BFF elephantsvanish near downtown/First Hill. The night of the 15th or 16th would be best for her; I can do any night, but would probably prefer the ones that are easier for her. I won't have a car, but I am very good at public transit/up for walking long distances. No dietary restrictions.

I'm down for any kind of dinner/beer/other activity anyone wants, and I have absolutely no clue what's near where I'll be staying or what's good. Where have y'all had successful meetups before?
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I haven't done a good enough job attending meetups lately so I'd like to attend this one. Any day during the week should be fine; the 15th is my birthday but I plan a weekend celebration for that so it wouldn't interfere.

I generally go out in Fremont or Ballard so I'll leave it to others to suggest a venue.
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It's been a while since we had a good meet up. Hooray for people going to nursing school! Also, it is about damn time we do this thing in Ballard. I'm a solid maybe.
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I've wanted to do some Mefi IRL meetups, so count me in. Depending on what kind of adventure you're looking for you could think about Marination Ma Kai.
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I would enjoy participating in a Seattle meet up. I see a vote for Marination! I've eaten there twice, and would give it a thumbs-up. I have a bias, as I'm a car guy, which causes me some degree of cognitive dissonance being a leftist and all. Parking for Marination is easy. Would enjoy a Ballard meet up as well, as I have attended several meet ups years ago with Slarty Bartfast.
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Hey all, just chiming in to say that I love brookeb's restaurant suggestion and I think I'll go with that. My friend mentioned above just started a new job and is working out her schedule, but once she gets that figured out I'll call a date and time.

Slarty, I hope you can make it! I really like reading your comments on the blue about medicine, and would love to talk more about what I'm getting myself into as a nurse-to-be.
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Went ahead and called this for Thursday night. Hope to see many of you there!

Is this the kind of place where I should call closer to the day and make a reservation?
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Motherfuck. If I am still married (which is seriously in question right now), I'm supposed to be hanging with in-laws on thev16th. If I show up, you know I'll be seriously drinking, regardless, I endorse this meetup whole heartedly and and I'm hoping to be there. Marination is some seriously good food and I can personally vouch for Tube, ArtW, palmcorder_yajna, librarina, and stet. The rest of the group are likely degenerates and perverts which is ok in my book, so let's make this a big successful meetup. Whither y2karl and errant? These are the other pillars of the MeFi meetups drinking team.
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Bah. I'll never make the big time...
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Excellent. Looking forward to it.
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I have been new-job-crazy and am way late appearing in this thread. But. I am SO EXCITED ActionPopulated is coming to town!! She is the best best best.

Also, Marination sounds brilliant. I'm super new to town myself, but enjoyed my two little forays into West Seattle. Rad, looking forward to meeting some of you :)
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Whither y2karl and errant?

I can only speak for myself: West Seattle is an awfully long haul by bus on a school night -- about one hour one way, transfers included, even with Rapid Ride.
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I've never been to a meet up and I am a serious lurker, but I'm in Seattle from Utah those dates. I want to go so bad!
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Come on out Marinara! I called this thing even as a total mefi non-celebrity, and I welcome mefites of all levels of participation!
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I'm going to be just-returned from a conference, but if I can justify it to my wife -- no guarantees! -- I might swing out.
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I think I can probably make this happen. See you all soon.
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Shit, Karl, when did you move? It looks like I'm definitely out for the 16th but if I was around I'd come get you. All the cool kids are coming and I wish I was too,
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I'm doing my usual "be enthusiastic and then have something come up" dance. Won't be able to make this after all, my woodworking class is on Thursdays from 6-9.

Today we learned all about machine safety! Who knows what next week's class will bring! Probably not delicious hawaiian-korean food :( have fun.
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I haven't been to West Seattle in foreverrr
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Unfortunately, it looks I can't come this night after all. Apologies, hope you all have a good time.
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Made it here safely, loving it so far. Hope to see a bunch of you tomorrow!
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The weather is good today. There is plenty of outdoor seating available.
posted by Tube at 1:10 PM on April 16, 2015

I'll be there, with my delightful spouse Saucetrough in tow!
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How late is everyone staying?
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I have arrived an hour early! Its REALLY PRETTY out here
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Looks like I won't be making it! Have a good time, all!

(Also I guess this means I should set up a May meet too)
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Aaaand now our attendance is looking less and less likely. Alas.
posted by palmcorder_yajna at 6:40 PM on April 16, 2015

I am gonna wait out by the pier nearby, behind the restaurant. Im in a brown jacket with a hat on. Unless nobody else shows up. In which case I'll probably drink
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Sitting in the southwest corner on the patio.
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