Thursday night in Williamsburg/Greenpoint
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Thu March 5 at 6:30 PM, Keg and Lantern
97 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
For the next three months, Josh and I are going to be living in Greenpoint (right on the border of Williamsburg) and I'd love to get together with mefites somewhere in the general neighborhood this Thursday evening. I'm near the Graham Avenue stop on the L, or Nassau on the G. Where should we go?
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I'm in!
Though I just moved here, so can't offer venue suggestions. :)
posted by revertTS at 6:16 AM on March 2, 2015

Places I like: (only one evening joint though)
- Mothers: beer, my favorite nyc burgers, po boys, etc.
- Blue stove: pot pies, pastries, tea
- Peter Pan: Donuts, flagels. (Classic NYC, was featured in Taxi Driver)
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Thursdays are weird nights for me but I could stop in until 7:15 or so. You must discover the Richardson and its killer cocktails at some point in the near future. My husband says the Boulevard Tavern is a laid-back place, although I've never been.

Closer to the Graham L is the Harefield Road pub, and closer to the Nassau G is the Keg and Lantern. I've been to one of my two Mefi meetups at the Keg and Lantern. Both are typical pubs, although I'm not sure if Harefield Road does much in the way of food.
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Jack, I actually had lunch at Mothers today! Delicious burger.

Keg and Lantern sounds perfect to me. Does 6:30pm sound okay for a start time?
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Seconding Leisl that Harefield Road and the Richardson are must-try bars. These were near my old place of employment, and they spoiled me for Manhattan drinking establishments.

Thursdays are not good for me, giving my current work situation. If you pick a Wednesday, I promise to go!
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I can come but not free til maybe 7:30.
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I plan to come but also won't make it until 7:30.
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I am looking forward to this!
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So, it's snowing a lot right now, and it's supposed to continue snowing straight through the planned time for this meetup. I suspect that might hinder attendance tonight.

Would y'all object if we postponed this meetup to next week?
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Keg & Lantern is right next to the G train, so it won't be a burden for me to get there.
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I was planning on attending anyway, but of course if folks want to reschedule, that's fine with me.
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If y'all don't think it's a big deal, then we'll keep it as is! See you tonight!
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I don't think I'll be able to make it due to the snow; have fun everyone!
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Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night...
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I'm here early, right in the front at the rough hewn table.
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Great! I'll be leaving my place in about two minutes. Google tells me it should take me 8 minutes to walk there, but Mr. Google is always faster than me.
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We've moved to the back.
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That was fun! Thanks for accompanying me out of my hibernation.

I'll post next week's meetup soon.
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Next week's meetup!
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