San Diego, March 24, Eclipse Chocolate
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Tue March 24 at 6:30 PM, Eclipse Chocolate
2145 Fern Street, San Diego, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
OK, this is (I hope) the last update. We have reservations, name of Metafilter, at Eclipse Chocolate, at 6:30 (note the time change), on Tuesday, March 24.
If you find out at the last minute you can make it, please join us! We'll fit you in somewhere!
If you find out at the last minute you can't make it, please let us know!
Thanks, looking forward to meeting everyone.
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Perhaps you could get together with myself and my girlfriend, Michele. You could join us for dinner this evening, although the place is a shambles and I haven't decided what to cook yet. Or walk around the zoo.

Wear a hat so we'll know you.
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Perfect quote, thank you, and thanks for the invitation. Looking forward to meeting you, but how about if we leave this here for a few days and see if we can round up any more people?
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Can't make this one but I'll be curious as to how many MeFites are in the San Diego area. I'll be there in early April and was thinking of trying to put a meetup together.
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Yes please! No offense but I'm not going to a random person's house, though. Maybe we could meet up at a restaurant/pub/etc??
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I'm a distant maybe - it's a bit of a drive from north county, and I have some other time and physical constraints right now. If any of you want to travel up to San Marcos, you could hang with my MeFite husband in our new brewery tasting room, and I could even join you for a while if it's not too late in the day (we're lacking a babysitter at the moment).

Bondcliff - I see a bunch of San Diegans in my "nearby users" list, but we seem to have a hard time getting together much.
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still_wears_a_hat, which part of the city are you staying in/would like to see? That might help narrow down a venue for a larger meet-up.
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Depending on the actual details, The Minotaur and I might be interested in joining. Seconding the "what part of town" question!
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I'm in Pacific Beach, but that's probably not good for a meetup, as parking seems to be a big hassle here. I do have a car and a partner who's willing to drive, so can get anywhere, as long as it's before March 17th or after March 23rd. We're here until April 3, if that's any help to bondcliff.
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I and my kinda-mefite husband are available for anything after Mar 18 (I'm in Baltimore at the moment) but we'd either need to get a sitter or go somewhere family-friendly due to Typechip.
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Could someone familiar with San Diego suggest a good place (or a few) for a meetup?
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Eclipse Chocolate - family friendly, really good food and coffee (and wine and beer), veg and vegan friendly, and they donate 10% of their profits to charity.
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Eclipse Chocolate looks great. Would a weeknight be easier than a weekend for people? Mostly in terms of getting there, getting in, and parking? Any thoughts about dates or times?
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Here's a link to Eclipse Chocolate's bar and bistro page; they're on Fern Street nowadays, east of Balboa Park (rather than the old El Cajon Blvd. location which I'd visited last -- just to let other out-of-touch people know).
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If no one comes up with any suggestions about dates or times, I'm going to pick Tuesday the 24th, and change the status to confirmed. I'm almost sure we can change the date, or just cancel it if there isn't enough interest, but it seems like getting it out of Proposed Events and into Upcoming would be a good idea, and we could find out how many people are really interested. Any thoughts before I jump in and do this?
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Parking at Eclipse is a bit of an adventure - but it's well worth it (and as long as it's not a Wed, count us in for 2 adults and a typechip.)

I STRONGLY recommend calling ahead or making reservations too.
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I'm in! But I can't get there till about 630 probably.
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I'm in (+1), though we won't be able to make it until 6:30 or 7:00 pm.
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