SF peninsula board games night
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Wed January 28 at 6:30 PM, Sports Page
1431 Plymouth Street, Mountain View, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Come drink beer and play board games!
In the thread on Twilight Struggle the other day I asked if anyone in the Bay Area wanted to meet up to play a round, and You Can't Tip a Buick messaged me and said hey, why don't we just set up a board games night.

The night is fixed, I am open to other suggestions for location (anywhere from Menlo Park to Mountain View). I've done a board games night at Sports Page before and it worked fine as a location. Their web page mentions that they do karaoke on Wednesdays at 8, so I am mildly worried that we will be subjected to, well, bad singing, but otherwise it should work fine as a location.

I will have the following games with me:
Dominion (with all expansions)
7 Wonders (with all expansions)
Twilight Struggle
Ticket to Ride (Germany / Marklin version)

If you are thinking of joining us and want to bring any games with mention them in the thread.

I'll probably be there around 6pm to scope tables.
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I would love to do a board games night but I'm on the north end of the bay so this would be far for me.
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Finally, a South Bay meetup. I do not like heading up to SF (because I am lazy). Splendor and 7 Wonders (w/o Leaders) are excellent games. I could grab my copy of Tokaido (board game based on being a tourist in 17th-century Japan) along. I also have BrewCrafters, a worker placement game of running a brewery.
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I like Tokaido, I bought it for a friend for Christmas and we've done a playthough. Haven't played BrewCrafters.
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I may or may not come.

But, I wanted to mention: there's a meetup group for boardgames that meets every Wednesday at Coco's in Sunnyvale, in case people are interested in boardgames on Wednesday nights in general.

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But meetup.com has no mefites! I might consider that group in the future...although I tend to like small groups personally.
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I am now planning to come, with a guest. :)
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If anyone owns 7 wonders and wants the Babel expansion, I have a 2nd copy. There were some shipping shenanigans and I ended up with two copies, and I really don't care to ship the 2nd copy back.
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Board games, Booze, and South Bay Mefites! What a great combination! Thanks for posting this, MillMan!
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Already here. Target shopping bag with games inside on the table. Wearing a maroon hoodie.
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Heading over from downtown San Jose in a few minutes. Hopefully traffic's not too bad!
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Should be there about 6:35.
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Thanks for showing me some new games! Nice to meet and re-meet everyone!
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Thanks for coming out!
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