Lost in Los Angeles
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I'm coming to Los Angeles for the first time ever January 11-16! I don't know what to see or where to eat, but I can't wait to be there and maybe meet some of you!
I'm piggy-backing this visit with a non-profit conference I'll be working with in San Diego. I have a ride to L.A. on the 11th, and a place to stay in North Hollywood until the morning of the 13th, and then I think I have a couch down in San Pedro until I leave on the 16th.

I'm hoping to meet up with some studio musician friends/mentors who live in the area, but I don't know when. I'd love to hear opinions on things to do or places to eat on a smaller budget. If anyone wants to get together, I'd love to meet new mefi friends!

For bonus points, if anyone can tell me the best way to get around town, I'd love to avoid a $100+ cab ride from North Hollywood to San Pedro with my stuff if at all possible (also tips on the best way to get to LAX for my return flight would be great). I didn't realize how far apart things were, and of course, a free place to sleep is too good to turn down.

Anyway, I'd love to hang with anyone who's available. Let me know who's game!
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Here's a trip planner for LA's public transport that might help. Here's a shuttle service back to LAX that covers San Pedro.

If you're a musician visiting LA, but don't make the pilgrimage to Amoeba Music, I think you get fired. ;)
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I'd love to avoid a $100+ cab ride from North Hollywood to San Pedro with my stuff if at all possible

Can you and your stuff do subway stairs? Fit on a bus? If yeah, then if I were you I'd take the Red Line subway from NoHo to Downtown Los Angeles, from there take the Blue Line train south to Long Beach (1st St. Station, end of the line I believe), then hop on the Commuter Express Bus #142 (towards Ports O'Call & Sampson) which will take you right to the center of San Pedro. Shouldn't cost you more than $10, about 2 hours, and a lot of huffing and puffing. There's only two transfers, which isn't bad at all considering how far you'd be going.

I have all these wonderful obligations set up for next weekend already, or I'd be interested in a meetup.
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Thanks for the tips! I'll look them over more closely tonight when I land in San Diego. I'd be happy to meet on a weeknight, since that's the majority of the time I'll be in L.A., after all. I'll have to ask my host in North Hollywood about Amoeba Music. Thanks for the idea!
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Unfortunately I think North Hollywood is out of the question after work for me, but have a great time in LA!
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I'll be in San Pedro for most of the week, starting Tuesday, if that makes a difference!
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I live in North Hollywood. Amoeba is a very short train ride from here on the red line. Downtown LA is also easy to get to from NOHO. I'm glad to show you around Hollywood or DTLA the two days you'll be in the neighborhood.
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Viamamunivar - That would be great! (Sorry for the delay; the end of the conference was hectic!) I'm hoping to finalize my lesson plans tonight, and will know when I'm free. What's the best way to contact you?
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As an update, I'll be staying in Burbank from Tuesday through Friday morning, instead of San Pedro. Also, if anyone wants to get together tonight for dinner or drinks, I'm up for some suggestions. @Viramamunivar, are you around?
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welp this is no longer a proposed meetup
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