Visiting Seattle/Tacoma Area - Show Me Your Rain!
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I'm planning on moving to the area next Spring, and this is my research trip. I've wanted to do this since 1977, so it's long overdue, and I'm ridiculously excited. I'd love to have a meetup! I'll be there Wednesday afternoon and I'm leaving early Tuesday morning. (Crossposting to Seattle, also.)
I'd prefer not to have the meetup on Saturday after 12 noon, or on Sunday, because my LDR boyfriend will be joining me for that time and it's "date night" time. ;-) But anything else is fair game. I'm staying in downtown Tacoma, but will have a rental car. The only activities I'm not open to are those that involve smoking (no hookah bars, please), or hunting. Food, drink, trivia, bowling, music, roller derby, general debauchery...your call!

On my Seattle post, someone suggesting having a meetup somewhere in the middle. Having two separate meetups would be ok, too, if that's how it works out. I'll be on my own most of the time, and I'm not big on going to bars by myself, so having two evenings of meetups is just fine by me.

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