Meetup for MeFites with Mini Mefites?
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I've been really out of the MetaFilter loop and would like to fall back in again. There must be some MeFites still here in Philly and I would love to hang out with them. My wife and I have a rambunctious almost 3 year old and it would be nice to bring him along too, so ideally a place that is kid-friendly would be great.
I'm in the Mt. Airy area but willing to meetup pretty much anywhere; ideally somewhere that's easily accessible by public transportation.

That said, the two options I immediately thought of — the Zoo and the Please Touch Museum — are a lot easier by car.
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I'm over in Collingswood with a 2 year old. I don't have any specific ideas for a location, but being able to take her along would definitely help with getting out to a meetup.

I wonder if there's anywhere a bit lower-key than the Zoo or Please Touch Museum?
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Are childless but good-with-kids mefites still welcome? The awesome DC meetup I went to a few weeks ago left me wanting more.
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I'm right nearby you, Deathalicious. Also childfree but good with kids and keen for meeting fellow MeFites.

Hey, I'd love to go to the zoo!
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Hey from South Philly, with a freshly-minted child too young to appreciate many activities, but I fully support this and future meetups. For low-key and convenient to public transportation, what about the Independence Beer Garden at 6th and Market. It's got flexible seating and a bit of room to move around, plus it's opposite the big green spaces at Independence and around the corner from Franklin Square activities that might be added on to the festivities. Middle of the afternoon on a Saturday (say, 9/6)?
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I am another childless but good-with-kids, with an idea for an event where the timing may be good for little ones, but perhaps not for working adults. WetLand (site, article on is an "otherworldly houseboat moored on the Delaware River that’s part interactive public art installation, part urban farm and dwelling place." It's docked for the next month at Independence Seaport Museum Pier (211 South Columbus Boulevard) as part of the Fringe Arts Festival.

There are various events planned aboard the boat, but Monday 9/8 Fairmount Water Works is hosting "family-friendly" workshops on water management. The workshops are 20 minutes, starting at 3 PM.
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That boat sounds awesome, but I'm on a 9-3something or 4 schedule six days a week all through September : (

I'd be down for the Independence Beer Garden idea. Wouldn't be able to get down till 4ish on a Saturday, but maybe other folks could get there earlier and hold down a table.
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My kid is a runner, so wherever we go either has to be made for running around in or very contained so he can't get too far. That, or somewhere where there is so much activity he doesn't want to run.
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Hi folks. I see I let the thread lie low for a few days, anyone want to come up with an agreed-upon meeting place and time?
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