(Grand Central Market) Game Nights
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Food! Drink! Games! Friends! Food and drink and games and friends at the same time!
Update 9/5: The consensus during our Ethiopian food meetup conversation seemed to be that with everybody being spread out, it's difficult to make a game night plan on work nights. If someone else wants to propose game/trivia/movie meetups for their individual environs, that might be the better way to go.


I stumbled across a mention of gaming nights at Grand Central Market in DTLA and tracked down this press release and then this page.
Game Night at Grand Central Market
AUGUST 21, 2014

Looking to unwind after a tough day at work? Searching for fast, amazing fare to satisfy your foodie cravings? Planning a non-cliche date night? Whatever your Downtown LA dilemma, the city's oldest food hub has your back.

Enter Game Night -- eat, drink and play every Thursday until 9 pm. Grab dinner and drinks from our late hours vendors over an assortment of classic and new games: ping-pong, cornhole toss, Jenga, Uno, Cards Against Humanity, Scrabble, and many more. Just head over to the Hill St. Platform to get started.
We broached the subject of a gaming night at our last meetup (mmmm ramen), so this "proposed" post is more of a means to continue that conversation than saying it should be here at GCM necessarily.
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I would be into this. There is a group that does Game Nights on Wednesdays at Les Noces du Figaro, but then you have to go to Les Noces du Figaro. (Lovely building, overpriced food, mediocre-at-best service.)

It's a weekly thing? That's awesome because last night I was tied up with another event. But I would definitely go to this.
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I'd be into this, too!

I just wanted to mention that it looks like Game Night end at 9pm.
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This sounds really fun! I am around most Thursdays after work.
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Getting to DTLA after work from the westside may be a slog for me, particularly if the event ends at 9pm. Definitely down to try, though!
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Are there any other venues that folks are aware of?

Of course nothing is stopping us from creating a games night plan/place from whole cloth.

I'm also interested in the potential of movie nights as well.
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I like playing games, but yeah, getting downtown after work in traffic for something that ends at 9pm means I'd get 90 minutes at the very best.
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There's always GameHaus in Glendale, which also has a broad selection of games. (Food is a bit pricey, though.)
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Getting to DTLA after work from the westside may be a slog for me

Are there any other venues that folks are aware of?

Aero Hobbies in West LA/Santa Monica has open table gaming on Friday nights (though it seems to be less of a Uno/Scrabble/Cards venue and more of a Euro/role playing venue).
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though it seems to be less of a Uno/Scrabble/Cards venue and more of a Euro/role playing venue

That's the impression I got, as well. I'm happy to proven wrong, though!
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The Weekly's cover story this week is Grand Central Market. I'd also be up for a separate dining meet-up there in September, maybe brunch-ish/lunch-ish for a change one Sunday? (Hope that's not derail-y!)
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I'm totally fine with Euro games -- just please I'll pass on the Agricola. Dominion and Ticket To Ride and such are up my alley, though.

Seems like weeknight meets may be hard given that some of the regulars are far-westside (hi, Room-641a), some are far east-side (hi, Celsius), and some are up in the valley. Happy to be proven wrong, but we might want to aim for a weekend afternoon or evening? I know we had some folks asking for a Saturday meetup due to work schedule..
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Game Empire in Pasadena is open 'til 11 every day (9 on sundays) and has open table gaming. They are across the street from a fab british pub.
They also have board game nights on Wednesdays but I have class wednesday nights 'til December.
Any interest in the SGV?
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