Electromagnetic Field 2014
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Fri August 29 at 12:00 PM, Electromagnetic Field
Drayton Road, Newton Longville, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire MK17 0BH, UK (Map & Directions)
EMF2014 is happening August 29-31st in Bletchley, England. "Electromagnetic Field is a UK camping festival for those with an inquisitive mind or an interest in making things: hackers, artists, geeks, crafters, scientists, and engineers."
I'm going - who else is going to be there and who wants to hang out at the Nottinghack Village with Project BarBot?
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I would love to be going, but have another engagement that weekend :(

Will read the writeups with interest!
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I went last time and I highly highly recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in this sort of thing.
I took along a friend who barely knows how to turn on a PC (not an exagerration) and would be a danger to himself and others with a soldering iron, and he claimed to have enjoyed himself greatly.

Friends learnt some blacksmithing and lockpicking, I spent an afternoon drunk in a giant hammock and an evening in a geodesic dome full of projected wonderfulness.
There were retro games, board games, wide games and tech games.

There was the very subtle status symbol of, who has reprogrammed their badge to do what.

I met Katemonkey and coloured in a pirate for her pirate gallery.

We launched a giant balloon which floated off and eventually landed on my house 100 miles away.

There was building barbecues out of oil drums with welding torches and then almost 24/7 barbecuing.

Oh there was also new Doctor who and Old Judge Dredd. (The second made significantly enjoyable by the availability of intoxicants)

All in all a good time.
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(As a slightly depressing coda to that last comment, this time round I cannot go, due to no money, not enough planning ahead and a very small child, but I certainly plan to be there in 2016 and beyond, especially when said child is old enough to enjoy it herself)
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Also this is an announcement of some of the shiny things that will be there.
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Thanks, Katemonkey - I'll now be attending with my 12 yr old son. Just look for the slightly bemused Yank with a rangy kid bouncing off everything in sight.
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Darn, I missed this post or I would've tried to join you. Did you manage to meet up, in the end?

I went down intending to get to as many workshops and talks as I could, but because I was too slow to sign up for workshops and saw that the talks will go up online at some point, I actually spent most of my time relaxing, exploring, chatting with people about their installations/talks/hobbies, and catching up with old friends. I got in a bit of fire spinning behind Stage A (did you guys see the flamethrowers installed on the bank there on Saturday night?) and crazy dancing to the chiptunes, too.

I had planned a couple of installations, one of which just didn't happen due to crappy planning on my part, and the other (an arch of kites, for kids to decorate) just lay forlornly on the ground without the wind to lift it. Quite frustrating.

So not at all the weekend I'd originally planned, but a fantastic time nonetheless.
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