Chi Mefi Fall Formal
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Last year we did a fall formal, so that we could have a good excuse to dress up fancy and go out on the town.
You can see the planning from last time here.

So what would you like to do (pizza at Burt's place? Fancy dress to Medieval Times? Galloping Ghost Party, something better thought out than those things)? When would you like to do it?
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Normally I'd be all cough cough sputter hell nope, but now I have a fabulous hair piece to show off so I don't really see how I have a choice.
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I would totally wear a costume to Medieval Times (assuming I had time to force my lazyass to sew one). On the other hand, phunniemee in head gear.

We're staring down the barrel of lots of weddings in October, so November is probably better for me.
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Burt's Place is cramped and decidedly casual. Formal dress there would be funny, but not funny enough to last a whole evening.
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I talked to my brother a few days ago about his van, which seats nine people. (Maybe 12? I need to ask.) He's available to be hired as a chauffeur for at trip to Medieval Times.
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Let's go river tubing in neoprene ballgowns.
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+1 vote for Medieval Times, selfishly because it's in the 'burbs. I'm down for whatever though. Late October - November works better for me as well.
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Any one objecting to Medieval Times?
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Just phunniemee, but it turns out she's easily bribed with headwear.
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Did I just search for "medieval fascinator"? Of course I did.
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When did I object to Medieval Times? I'd go to Medieval Times with you guys with a dinosaur on my head or not!
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"Normally I'd be all cough cough sputter hell nope"
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I read that as an objection to formality in general, not Medieval Times in particular.
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Fig's got it.
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Update from my brother: His van seats eight. His fee for the round trip is $80, from his place (Montrose and Cicero, walking distance to the Blue line). Other stops negotiable. He's busy this weekend and the next.
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Oh I can drive people, too, should have mentioned. 3 passengers, possible dog hair, no radio.
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is there a date yet?
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no date yet.
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