people flocked like cattle to Seattle
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Fri September 19 at 6:00 PM, Shorty's
2222 2nd Avenue, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Seattle MeFites: Let's hang out at Shorty's to play pinball, eat hot dogs veggie dogs, and drink delicious adult beverages on Friday, September 19!
Shorty's is on 2nd Ave between Blanchard and Bell in (surprise!) Belltown, right next door to the Croc. There is a $10 minimum on credit card tabs. It can get crazy on Friday nights so I'm pegging the start time at 6 PM.

Backup locations in case Shorty's gets too crowded: Lava Lounge (dive) or Rob Roy (fancy), both of which are conveniently located on the same dang block.

I was going to list out the bus lines that stop nearby for convenience's sake but there's like a zillion of them, so here's a link to the King County Metro Trip Planner instead.

Come one, come all!
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Ooh, Bamboo Garden.... yum.
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If you like shorty's, you would probably love add-a-ball in fremont and the one-two punch combo of speckled&drake and john johns arcade side by side on the very edge of capitol hill(olive and melrose)

But seriously, add-a-ball is amazing in every way. The drinks are cheap and tasty, they have tons of good arcade machines(two player tetris! bust a move! that one really silly 90s nascar game where your car breaks to pieces!), and jenga/boardgames/etc and a just generally awesome vibe.

My partner and i love shorty's though, so i'd likely be down to go there unless it rams into my schedule in some tiresome way. Especially since i haven't been there in a while.

Also, as per your list of veg/vegan places, have you tried in the bowl? It's not only tasty, but an easy way to resurface the inside of your mouth with what is probably, if ordered as such, the spiciest food in seattle. I used to live right behind the place and eat there all the time. Their pineapple fried rice, extra hot, left an entire packed apartment of full of people rolling on the floor and begging satan for mercy. Also anything veggie from ballet, but that's mostly because ballet is is tier 1 hole in the wall food. And kedai makan, where tacos gringos used to be, if you can catch them when they're open with their weird ass "when we feel like it" schedule. Their menu is also completely random, but worth it.(one block down from in the bowl on olive way just past denny, right next to montana, which is also a great bar).

I'm gonna stop before i write a phone book.
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I'm in town 16/17/18 so count me in if the meetup falls on one of those days.
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emptythought, I have not been to In the Bowl and now I am so psyched to try it. Thank you for all the recommendations.

So this trip is coming up so soon! Does Friday or Saturday work better for a plurality of y'all? Bestie has other plans on those nights, so I'd prefer to meet up then, but if neither of those days are good then maybe we can shoot for Thursday or Sunday instead.

Duly proposed: Friday 9/19, 6 or 7PM at Shorty's on 2nd and Bell, right next door to the Croc?

Bathtub Gin is right there, too, so I might swing by for a fancy speakeasy cocktail before heading across the street for dive bar pinball, hot dogs, and boozy smoothies. Pregame?
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Just checking in to ask: is this still a thing that is happening?
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For sure! I'll be at Shorty's around 6 PM tomorrow.
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I'm aiming to get there 6-6:30, depending on work.

Not sure how crowded it'll be, but if you see someone in a red hoodie getting lost looking for the group - that's probably me. ;)
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I'll be there for the early part -- 6-7:30 -- my lower half is a swath of bright pink today.
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It's a beautiful day, so if there's a table outside, I'll probably try to snag it. I have short hair and glasses and a grey and blue plaid shirt and am liable to start intermittently greeting strangers by saying, "Hello! Are you from the internet?"

See you soon.
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Running late, eta 15!
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Running a touch late... traffic on southbound 99 is intense.
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@bar, red polo
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You still here? Two of us found each other but we can't find you!
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Ok, we've gone ahead and grabbed a table in the corner of the back room.
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They were at the table by the change machine
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Well, "they" should come back here then.
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I am inbound. Eta like 20 mins
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So wonderful to meet you all. Thanks for coming out!
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By mutual decision, revertTS, who is a fantastic individual who should come out more, escaped my clutches, thus once again rendering me the victor of an obviously meaningless, illusory, and kind of sad title: I win again.

Yeah, that was one sentence, and it's grammatical, sho fuhck offf.
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