Houston Holiday Meetup
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Fri July 4 at 5:00 PM, Sienna Plantation
9600 Scanlan Trace East, Missouri City, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
So we didn't have our traditional winter holiday meetup this past year, so what the heck, lets have in July!
The last couple of years we got together around the Quonsar/Christmas/Festivus/Hanukah/Winter Solstice time for an end of the year meetup. For a variety of reasons it didn't work out, so lets instead have it in the hottest time of the year in Houston! Bring your festive ugly sweater! No really, don't because heat stroke is a bad thing. Weather permitting it'll be outside in my back yard, if it gets wet we'll move inside. At dark my neighborhood sets off fireworks set to music viewable from the "hill" that's a block or so away, so bring a lawn chair or blanket.

If weather permits I'll set up yard games like croquet or bocce.

Those of you with kids, you're welcome to bring them too!

If you have dietary restrictions, please note in the comments and plan on your contribution fitting those restrictions. I do cook meat in this house, but am well versed in gluten/dairy/egg free cooking and will probably be including something in those area's.


p.s. The address in the location field is the "hill". Memail for address of the party.
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Let's do this! Secret Quonsar limit = $20?

Also, I will bring food. Much food. Because I'm jewish, and that's what we do.

Wait, Monday? I thought it was on Friday?
posted by MexicanYenta at 8:38 AM on June 30, 2014


Sorry about that, was trying to get the location to take right.
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I think this event should also be considered part of the MeFi 15th Anniversary Celebration: MoMu15.

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Hey! I did that as an "insert link"! And I previewed!

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Hubs may not make it because of work, but I'll be there with Smalls & hopefully Z.
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Already booked for the 4th (yearly party with crazy Rennie friends); sorry y'all.
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Aww, we'll miss you MrBill!
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Yeah! MoMu15!
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For the non-vegetarians, hot dogs or hamburgers? MexicanYenta, I'll be making vegetarian Indian food also. Mamapotomus, we got the gluten-free covered also.
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Oh hey, are we still doing Secret Quonsar?
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Have fun, y'all. I'm visiting family on the 4th but looking forward to the next meet up.
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