Weekly Meetup: Back to Brooklyn
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Wed July 2 at 6:30 PM, Doris
1088 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Beer and cocktails and outdoors, oh my!
Nothing says summer Wednesday like a nice drink outdoors, especially a happy hour drink! I have been by Doris a few times but never inside.

Serious Eats makes it sound like a nice place for a meetup, and it is close to the C train and not too far from Atlantic Ave.
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(Could also do Thursday if people prefer, since I for one am off Friday for the 4th. But I seem to recall some preference for Wednesdays.)
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Rumor has it that rain is supposed to mess with my outdoor plans. Do people still want to go to Doris if it rains, or save it for a more friendly-weather day and go elsewhere this week?
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I don't know - getting caught in the rain might be a relief considering how hot it should get tomorrow. On the other hand, a hot muggy impending rain day might be a good day to go wandering in Chelsea Market.
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If it were Thursday and not Wednesday, I'd be a definite yes.
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I'm leaving town from Manhattan that evening so I would appreciate staying near Atlantic. I'd also float doing something in Manhattan itself, especially since oh yeah! mentioned Chelsea Market, but given that it's called Back to Brooklyn that might be rather silly.
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How about I will stick with the venue/day and people can go to Chelsea Mkt first and take the C to Doris together afterwards if they want. I for one plan to stick around a bit even though I made an early start time to allow for potential happy houring.
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I'll call a Chelsea Market meetup for next week, I know I'm going to want to keep my subway-ing to the minimum in the heat.
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For the perpetually cash-strapped among us, I just wanted to mention that Serious Eats and Yelp say Doris does not accept cards. Yelp also says the ambience is "hipster."
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Heavens forfend!
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Looks like the thunderstorm is rolling in - just checked with Mom in NJ and she said there was thunder & a downpour but it is letting up now. Looking out the window here in the Flatiron district I see grey skies all over. Glad I brought my umbrella & spare shoes.
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Spoke too soon, it's back to pouring again in Jersey.
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They have grilled cheese and I brought some donuts.
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Yeah, I'm not coming any time soon. The sky is black in Manhattan; I'm not going out in this. If the storm doesn't take too long to pass I'll trek out. Update the thread if you disband before 8?
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Well, it's pouring in Brooklyn now, whee! (we are seated indoors)
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ferret branca - as requested: Neko Samurai trailer and photo gallery. And the trailer with English subtitles.
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