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Fri August 15 at 7:00 PM, Busboys and Poets
1025 5th Street Northwest, Washington, DC, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey! Let's get back together and flip some metaphorical tables somewhere in or near DC in mid-August. How does Friday, August 15 sound?
I wish I could say that I was coming back just because I miss you all -- I do! -- but it's also because of work. I'll probably be in town that Tuesday to Saturday. Friday is probably best for me schedule-wise, but I am amenable to most any other evening if that would be better for your all's (Wisconsin accent: yer guyses) schedules.

I'll be based in Arlington (Rosslyn) but am an intrepid solo traveler, although anything especially near the blue or orange lines would be lovely. I would love to go to one of these places -- The Passenger? The Gibson? I owe all of you at least one round of frou-frou artisan beverages -- but a triumphant return to Busboys & Poets would be rad... IF AND ONLY IF you have slam poetry ready to perform.

:snaps fingers:

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer.
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I think The Passenger on August 15th sounds like a great idea; it's within walking distance of pretty much every Metro line and we've had pleasant meetups there before. YAY YAY YAY!
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Just saw the tags. Love it.
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Depends on what you want - both are likely to be crowded, but The Passenger will be packed, whereas The Gibson doesn't allow standing (not sure how large a group they'll take, either). Unless the Passenger isn't packed because it's godawful hot - they haven't had A/C the past few summers, and I haven't heard whether that's changed - or whether godawful heat makes much of a difference in crowdedness. Another possiblity is Wisdom - I haven't been in ages, so I have no idea what the crowd is like on a Friday night, but it's right off the Orange line, and while it didn't make the list, the cocktails are nice.
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They haven't set a closing date for the Passenger yet, but it looks like it's sooner rather than later. Just one stop up in Shaw are Derek Brown's Eat The Rich, Mockingbird Hill, and Southern Efficiency if you're looking for alternatives.
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Ack! It does look like Passenger is planning on staying open until at least NYE, but... :crosses fingers: anyway. All of the above-linked places look amazing, but Wisdom has the word 'vegan' prominently displayed on their food menu, so, you know. I am extremely biased in favor of places like that.

It's pretty far from transit, but I'll also need to swing by Smoke & Barrel at some point in my trip -- they have a lot of whiskey plus vegan (and non-vegan, obv) BBQ if anyone is interested in stopping there some other night.

Also: If anyone wants to hit up a/the club with me, please advise! I am not a good dancer, but I am a wholly un-self-conscious dancer, and if there's anyplace in town that might play Iggy Azalea, we should definitely go there to arrhythmically flail with extreme enthusiasm.
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Smoke & Barrel has incredible vegan wings. I still haven't found a passable chicken wing in this city, but DC's vegan wing game is on point.
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(Smoke & Barrel, Boundary Stone, and Woodlands all have great vegan wings)

Will Hogo still be open then? A&D, near the convention center, has solid cocktails and is almost never crowded. Maybe we try Passenger first and, if it's too jammed, we can try A&D. It's only a few blocks away.

I'm not above creeping out of work early in order to get there when it opens and stake out some tables, maybe one of the big U-shaped ones in the front.
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Smoke and Barrel isn't that far from transit, I promise! It's right in my neighborhood, and the walk from the Woodley Park Metro station is maybe 10-15 minutes, depending on how fast you move (which will probably be "not very" in August, admittedly), or the Circulator bus's second stop from the Metro is basically at the top of 18th Street.
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I LOVE Smoke & Barrel, they are super nice and the cocktails are delicious - there is one made with Ardbeg and oh man it is so good. Definitely not fancy and speakeasy-like but yeah, it's really easy to get to. And yes several vegan options.

I also love Boundary Stone and would be all kinds of up for it, but it's significantly less transit accessible.
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Also - Southern Efficiency could be another option.
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And at some point I will learn to make one comment instead of a string of comments because I keep forgetting things, but divined by radio, if you are a beer drinker at all, while you are in Arlington you owe it to yourself to visit World of Beer. The atmosphere is decidedly sports bar, and the food and the cocktails aren't worth it, but there are thousands and thousands of beers.
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We can always do a central green line cocktail crawl - whatever's on the board at The Passenger (Mt Vernon), pitchers at Eat the Rich (Shaw), boozy milkshakes at Satellite Room (U St), something little and bubbly at Room 11 (Columbia Heights), 2 for 1s at DC Reynolds (Petworth).

this is not a serious suggestion, but doesn't it sound fun?
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Will stake out tables with you, troika! (If I can get to wherever this is...)

Cocktail crawl does sound fun! And delicious!
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2 for 1 at DC Reynolds is pretty great. Don't ever go to their trivia though. Or maybe do, if you think "It happened last week" is an appropriate category for asking who the Vice-Chancellor of Germany was in 1949. No, I'm not bitter, why do you ask?
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Man, you all sound super fun, Philly is slacking on its meetup game lately, and I haven't done a visit to my old roommates in DC/my grandparents in Rockville in a little while. Maybe I'll make a special trip, if I'm not madly studying for my microbiology final.
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AP, please do join us if you can! I'm just a lowly out-of-towner, but I can attest that DC MeFites are a truly magnificent bunch of folks.

capricorn, the last time I was in town, my class was literally upstairs from that Arlington WoB! I may have popped in for a lunchtime brew or three. Yum.

Come to think of it, I would be pretty into attending a pair of meetups, time permitting: one at Smoke & Barrel for BBQ and a more laid-back vibe and one at a fancy cocktail-type place for a few 18-ingredient libations that must be imbibed like a proper fancy person, i.e. sipping while wearing a monacle and holding your pinky out. Maybe a belated MeFi 15th Anniversary celebration? Or we could just drink tallboys in the park.

I am so excited to see you all again!
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I'll have to miss it, will be in Nevada, on a dry lakebed, setting up That Thing In The Desert. But if y'all do a Halloween party, I could do that.
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Green line cocktail tour sounds great! Also pub crawling is good for large groups because it naturally shakes things up.

We just have to agree to a rough schedule (30 minutes per cocktail bar?) and post updates in thread so stragglers can catch up.
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No pub crawling this time, I think.
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I have a vague laziness-related preference for Blue- and Orange-line-adjacent places, but I think I can overcome that for the sake of making my first meetup!
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So what's the actual timing on this looking like? I think I'm going to take the plunge and come down, and I'd like to buy my Friday bus ticket soon!
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I'm booking my flight today, so I should have details firmed up by COB! I might stay in town an extra day or two and see if we can make that pub crawl happen, but as it stands, I think I'd love it best if we could head to a fancy bar (aspirational home) for 1-2 ridiculous libations and then head to a dive bar (spiritual home) for some nosh, cheap drinks, and the rest of the evening.

I'm not sure what time will work best for all the local folks who will be heading home from work that day, probably 6 or 7 PM?
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Sweet, I'm looking forward to this! Might want to make it 7 if we want to include lots of people - I can always do 6 but I know some other folks here work later schedules.
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I am one of those folks, so 7:00 would be more convenient for me, but I am fine with showing up late if things kick off at or before 6:00.
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7 PM it is -- see you all in a few weeks, yay!
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Whoa, check out that attendee list! DC, you are TURNING IT OUT.

Do I need to call and set aside some tables? I can front the fee if we have to pay it forward. Otherwise, I'll be free after ~1 PM day-of so I can swing by and try to reserve us a bunch of seats if need be.

And I sure do hope they have air conditioning, I hear y'all's late summer weather is intense! Ridiculously hot and humid is my absolute favorite kind of environment, but I understand not everyone is a fan, so if there's no A/C to be had at the Passenger, maybe we can swing over to someplace cooler -- there's a ton of stuff in the immediate vicinity.
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oh noooo I'm going to be on a work trip noooooo please flip a table for me
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Got my bus tickets, and I'm in! It will be so good to leave Philly for a bit.
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Hey I'll be coming in from Baltimore via the MARC train, and unfortunately the last MARC train leaves at 10:30PM. Union Station is super near The Passenger, which is great, but I was wondering if people are planning for the event to go on longer than 10PM? If so, I can potentially stay at a friend's house for the night.
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Some of this crowd definitely stay up late.

I tend to turn into a pumpkin. Do what you feel.
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I think my Uber receipt from the last time I was in town has a timestamp of ~2:30 AM Friday, and the meetup started at 7 PM Thursday, so. We could rage into the wee hours or wrap it up early, it'll probably depend on the weather and how enthusiastically tipsy we get!

Also, too, a certain undead neighbor of the Simpsons and I have 9 PM reservations for a prix fixe cocktail tasting at Columbia Room (conveniently located inside The Passenger) on Thursday, the night before this very meetup. If any of you would like to join us, please do.
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Oh yay I checked back in today just because I am SO EXCITED!

Yeah, some of us are very, VERY likely to be there after ten pm, or eleven pm, or...
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Just checked into my flight. SO EXCITED!

I'm making nametags because there will be so dang many of us. And I'll try to ask about reserving a table/space of some kind because according to Yelp, Friday nights at The Passenger are extremely crowded and extremely loud.

My vote for backup venue is, of course, Busboys and Poets (right around the corner on 5th & K) but City Tap House on 9th & I also looks promising.

Also, too -- if anyone is looking for an excuse to eat BBQ and drink whiskey in the next couple of days, I'm probably going to go to Smoke & Barrel for dinner tomorrow or Wednesday. Or tomorrow and Wednesday.

See y'all soon!
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I'm so sad I can't make it! Hope y'all have a great time.
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Aww yes this is going to be so great. Hope you enjoy(ed) Smoke & Barrel, divined by radio, it's a favorite of mine.
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Ugh, sorry to bow out, but this jet lag means I'd likely be asleep under a table within an hour of arriving. For those who are about to party, I salute you!
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Sorry we'll miss you evoque!

Just wondering what time people are actually planning to arrive; I see the official time is 7:00 but Bulgaroktonos and I might head over more or less right after work since that makes more sense logistically for us, so if anyone else wants to do that we'll probably be there (I am wearing a short sleeved sweater thing that looks kind of like a lighter version of MeFi blue and a black skirt). See you soon!
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Sorry to be missing the folks who can't make it! We'll tie an extra one on in your honor.

capricorn, Smoke & Barrel was magical. Vegan wings and sweet potato donuts... *swoon*

My conference just wrapped and I'm lunching at Busboys and Poets on 5th and K, so I can swing by whenever! They open at 5, yeah? Our reconnaissance mission last night confirmed that snagging the big booth in front will our best bet, although it is SUPER loud up there. We can resort to handwriting communiques if need be. See you soon, yay!
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I can be there on the early side, probably around 6, to help hold onto the big table.
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I may also show up on the earlier side. Can't wait to meet everyone!
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Okay people. My stupid knee picked 5 minutes ago to start a painful tantrum about how much walking I've done this week. I will take some meds but things are not looking up for me getting around this evening.
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I'm going early too. Yay!
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zennie, I hope you're feeling better soon! We will rage extra for you if you can't make it.

The booth just to the left of the front door now officially belongs to us. There are name tags and a shark-themed cocktail menu!
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Hey for various reasons I'm can't go into the bar, I'm currently just outside, to the right, wearing a blue shirt with a hat. Can someone come meet me?
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Apologies for the short notice -- we will be relocating to Busboys and Poets on 5th and K very shortly in order to accommodate all attendees!

1025 5th St NW, cocktail menu!
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Good call, as it increases the likelihood that I'll be there once I'm done reviewing this $%#!ing document. :-)
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Gosh. Everyone at The Passenger fits the stereotypical MeFite demographic you guys. Many blank stare. Much confuse.
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Hey guys - I'm at B&P! Where are you?
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We're by the window at the long table. Under the tv screen
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A delight as always! Than.k you, my MeFi friends.
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You are all so wonderful. Thank you so much for coming! Infinite hugs.
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Such a great time and good to see you, divined by radio. Have a safe trip home and come back any time!
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