Bike to the Sea ride & lunch
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Sun June 1 at 9:00 AM, Bike to the Sea
105 Woodville Street, Everett, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Bike to the Sea is a ride on trails and streets starting near-ish the Orange Line in Everett. I'm going to do the 14-mile 'family ride' (despite not bringing family). I'd love MeFite company!
Even 14m is a bit of a stretch of me -- I often ride my bike to the T, but that's a dead-flat 3 miles, and this will be my first ride in decades that's significantly longer than that. There's also a 20-mile option to Nahant Beach and back.

The ride is $15 including a T-shirt and lunch afterwards at the Dockside in Malden. I can offer a ride e.g., from Alewife or from one of the Orange Line stops that are about a mile away to the start -- as long as your bike isn't too precious to rub spokes with mine on a rear rack.
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I can't make this Sunday but I would be up for future Metafilter-based bike rides, as long as they aren't too hardcore.
posted by bondcliff at 6:20 AM on May 30, 2014

I also can't make this Sunday but would definitely be up for future bike rides as long as they're slightly less hardcore than this.
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I'd be up for future rides given enough advance notice. I have a bike but it needs a tuneup and a new front tire. I need a tuneup as well now that summer's here -- I have been thinking of riding easy bike trails in Middlesex Fells.
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Add me to the list of people whose neither bike nor body is ready for this ride, but would love to see more of these in the future.
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Glad to hear I'm not the only one who counts 14m as 'hardcore!' I understand that for actual riders it's not much, but for me, it's gonna be a challenge. Assuming I come back not TOO terminally defeated, maybe I'll suggest a ride soon to go up the Minuteman Trail a bit and back from Alewife, ending at Summer Shack for lunch and beers or whatever. The Minuteman can be crowded, it's got too many places you have to slow down or stop to cross streets, and it's a round trip instead of a loop... But, it's convenient, flat, paved, away from cars, and we can make it as short or long as we want before turning around. How does that sound?
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Ooh, we could do a Two Ice Creams Tour. There's an ice cream shop in Arlington center close to the trail, and another one in Lexington center, up the trail some more.
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My husband and I would be totally up for a trip up the Minuteman Trail and back. Regarding refreshment, my husband doesn't like ice cream (I know!) so would prefer the Summer Shack idea.
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I would very much be up for a Minuteman trail ride.
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Sounds great! Count me in for future rides. Bike & body are totally ready, but I need more notice.
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Ok, posted the new, kinder, gentler bike ride. Check it out!

Really casual bike ride + lunch
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