June Goat Frog
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Wed June 4 at 6:00 PM, Billy Goat Tavern
430 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
I've got an idea: let's celebrate the longest month of sunlight in the Northern Hemisphere starting out in a dark basement bar and ending up in a different dark bar.
We'll be the ones at the original Billy Goat at the table with the tiny beers and water and probably whiskey. You'll be the one we've been looking for.

Later, if you're up for it, we'll go to the Blue Frog for karaoke.

And maybe sometime in between we'll be outside -- maybe even in the sun.
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So I know I posted this a little earlier than usual; I could say it's because I wanted to give everybody a reminder but it was really that with Memorial Day coming relatively early, I have NO IDEA WHAT DAY IT IS; last night I seriously thought this upcoming Wednesday (tomorrow) had to be the first June already.
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just as the pork bomb IRL for 9 months in the future amuses me, I sometimes contemplate filling in goat meetups for months in advance, if only to show those dirty NYC so-and-so's.
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Noticing we are currently tied with NYC for 3 month activity, I have been tempted all day to post any thing I might already be planning on attending as an IRL just to break the tie but I'm trying not to be all second city about it.
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Quick, somebody decide on the next Riddle Me That day!
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Let's talk pizza on Wednesday.
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Riddle Me That! is always the third Thursday of the month, because that is when I get my hair cut.
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I just moved here on Wednesday and kind of feel like the new kid at school looking for a lunch table at which to sit. Can I sit here?
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Yes! Did you move from Philadelphia? DO YOU BRING NEWS OF SPIFFY?
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You totally can and should coppermoss.
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I'm fleeing the country after this Goatening. Just so no one here thinks it's their fault.

(Anyone know if they have t-shirts for sale? I feel I might need a t-shirt. Or possibly a stolen tiny beer mug. But of course I would ask before stealing, because that's the kind of missed-the-point-of-stealing idiot I am.)
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I'm going to come to this one and I'm going to have a good time. FYI.
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I think...nay, I know...they have t shirts for sale.

And yay for new people!
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Also yay for previously attending people.

And old people.
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If Carlos* spills a beer on you you will get a shirt for free. This is the garlic rule.

*I think his name is Carlos...I'm like 80% on that. Can anyone confirm? Payne, Brisa, Bill, and...Carlos?
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why do I never remember I have that shirt on wednesday mornings?
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I am making myself a calendar reminder in right now for July 1st to remind you that you have a goat shirt.
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Oh hey next goat is on my parents' wedding anniversary. 37 years. Neat. Adding to the goat shirt calendar reminder "call mom and dad."
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I have to run home after work to give my cat medication, so I may or not make the Goat portion of the evening. But I definitely plan to head to the Frog either way!
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Goddamnit, this is tonight isn't it. I've really been off my meetup game lately. Have a good one.
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Freshly shorn and on my way
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Also on my way, but still an hour out.
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This kid on the train keeps patting me on the arm and it is cracking me the fuck up.
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Tabled for further consideration:
-Pizza at Burt's Place
-Medieval Times
-The Galloping Ghost
-The Creperie
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I've been to the creperie! Many years ago. It was wonderful. I like crepes. Let's go to all of those places but especially the crepe place.

I am so happy there were so many new folks goating today! All of you are lovely and I hope you're at more meetups in the future some day when I'm more coherent and awake.
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Holy shit is the Taco Puff fucking delicious!
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Guys! Guys! THAT WAS SO AWESOME! new faces, new foods, new tunes. Iridic--nice choice there, really aces. Glad so many of you moved on to Phase 2.
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Guess Who, British edition.

(The show is much funnier than that clip lets on.)
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For special agent conrad uno: Half marathon training. The novice program goes into a lot of details on the details of the different sorts of workouts. And one of the things I never really learned until I started running with a heart rate monitor -- run slow on long training days. It helps build up the endurance you want so that on race day everything seems like a breeze.
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That will be helpful to me as well because I think I need to start running about 13 miles every day in order to eat a diet that is entirely Pizza Puffs of different flavors.
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Limes are 12/99¢ at my grocery store. Up from 15/99¢ last summer.
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Groupon has a Medieval Times deal going right now -- $39 for an adult general admissions ticket, $49 for a Royalty ticket.
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Also, it was really nice to meet all of you!
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