CANCELLED: Nerdcore in Austin
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Austin & area MeFites! I will be in town for the first week of June for DrupalCon, and would love to meet some local MeFites! Dinner and drinks at the Dog and Duck Pub at 7 PM on Wednesday, June 4th? Join us! Looks like this week is not so good for people, so I'm going to call this off. Next time!
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I'm not sure which place I'll be staying, yet, but for those who are attending Drupalcon I'll also be emceeing the conference trivia night on Thursday from 9pm to midnight at the Raddison Hotel on Caesar Chavez Street.

If any mefites make it, I will endeavor to work in some in-jokes.
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Venue suggestions within walking distance:
Scholz Garten (where we had the 10-year meetup)
Dog and Duck (have had a lot of meetups here, for a reason)
Fado (fake Irish pub where we've gone for SXSW meetups)

There's tons more but I'm stupid for now.
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Hey! I'd be in, I think! Exciting!
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Sounds like fun, I'm likely to participate.
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Need to discuss it with the spouse, but provisionally I (and possibly he) are in. I haven't been on a weekday evening, but Dog & Duck or Fado seems perfectly adequate.

Also, now that said spouse has graduated (he got his Master's last weekend, woo hoo!) I had been thinking about setting up a meetup, so I'm super-glad to see one on the menu.
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Dog and Duck sounds excellent to my ears! I'll add that as the venue, and I can call to make a reservation once we get a better idea of our numbers closer to the date.
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Weeknights are tough for me, but I will try to swing by for a bit.
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Not sure if we can reserve anything at Dog and Duck. Mostly someone just shows up and grabs a picnic table in the back.
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I'm glad to see this post, as I'll also be in town for DrupalCon, and I enjoyed meeting some of the local crew on my last visit to Austin. I'll definitely try to make it (and might also bring along a couple of lurkers and kindred spirits if that's ok).
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I'd like to come. Could I also bring my non-MeFite spouse?
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Saminal - I'm not the host but I brought my non-MeFite spouse to enough meetups that he joined.
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Totally cool to bring non-MeFites of all varieties! The more the merrier. Meetups are where we convert the non-believers, after all.

one of us
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I'm going to DrupalCon too! Putting myself down as a maybe.
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Uhoh... I think I'm going to go, but apparently I learned that I will be happy houring for two hours before that. Time to test if eating yeast can really keep you from getting too drunk.
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Shit, I just realized that I have a bachelor dinner at the same time. No DnD for me.
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Phire, might another evening work for you? I'm open either way, but maybe more people could come (and we could go see verb on Thursday).
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I need to double-check with work but I could tentatively do Wednesday, if that works better?

(I would also love to go see verb.)
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I can also do Monday, but I don't know when everyone is coming in for Drupalcon.
posted by Phire at 11:52 AM on May 30, 2014

I'll be there Sunday through Sunday.
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I can't do Monday or Wednesday. :(
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Augh, this is difficult. I'm going to change the event to Wednesday, selfishly because I want to go see verb shoehorn MeFi injokes into a trivia night.

tofu_crouton, if you can't make it maybe we can meet up during the con itself or grab coffee one of those days or something?
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I work all next week. I'll just have to pass on this one. I was kind of overbooked for the week to start with because I keep signing myself up for these leisure classes that become unleisurely when I actually have to work them into my schedule.
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I nearly certainly have to sit this one out - I have a strange, busy week.

SPAM AHOY: Part of that, the busyness anyway, is that I'm sitting in for a song or two with some friends at their CD release show at Cheer Up Charlies on Wednesday night, so if any of y'all find yourselves with an appetite for that sort of thing you should come on out. Bottlecap Mountain is the CD release band, and they exist somewhere on the power pop to rock and roll spectrum. The opener is Other Lovers and they're a sweaty, fun, mean little country band.
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Aagh! Now I have to choose between this and the DC board game thing.
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Mad_Carew and I are also questionable due to a little ER visit I had last week. I'm okay and I won't be taking those pills any more, but I'm still moving very slowly. We'll see y'all if we see y'all and I will try to arrange another locals meetup sometime later this month.
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Haha, so am I going to be sitting all by my lonesome at the D&D tomorrow night? Would any of the Maybes care to confirm and save me?
posted by Phire at 7:21 AM on June 3, 2014

Sadly no. I'm just not able to swing a workday evening until I get a car, sometime in the next month or so.
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Yeah, Im so sorry, but all hell has broken loose at work, and I will likely be standing at a press for the duration of the meetup. Think of me, & try not to laugh.
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Yeah, I'm really sorry as well, but yesterday was my first full day out of bed and I'm not sure I'm going to duplicate it today. Allergic reactions are bad when you have immune problems.
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Ack, immlass, I hope you feel better soon.

If no one else can make it I may just call this off and try again next time.
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Since I haven't heard to the contrary from anyone else, I'm going to call this one off. (Sadface.) I'll just have to come back again soon (and on a weekend) to meet you lovely folks.

If you're at or near DrupalCon, I'm wearing my FIAMO shirt today. Come say hi!
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At least I got to meet you in person on the conference floor, Phire, and met verb again after realizing I knew him separately in two different communities. If anyone else is around and wants to meet or hang out please MeMail or otherwise reach out via my profileā€”I'd be glad to have fellow MeFites with me as I experience Austin.
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In general, how many people who live in Austin would be up for a future meetup? It's hard for me to get an idea who is here for DrupalCon and who might be available in the future.
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I typically need no excuse to meet people and drink beer.
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I was, for a while, our local organizer but have fallen off the wagon while my husband finished grad school (he just graduated in May). I'm hoping to pick up again this summer once I recover from this ER trip, which has really taken it out of me.
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