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Sat June 7 at 7:30 PM, Elysian Brewing Co
1221 East Pike Street, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
We have not had a drinks/n/hollering seattle meetup in sometime and I would like to correct this. Preferably in the Month of May.
My schedule is open and the weather is nice. I know a few places around Queen Anne where we could have it, if we wanna keep it in Capitol Hill where all the Fun is, that also works.
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This sounds like something to do. As you said, the weather's nice (and my schedule is also pretty open). My knowledge of places is more SLU-centered, with some exploration out Capitol Hill and Belltown-area, so depending on what people're interested in, I may-or-may-not have ideas.
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My schedule's pretty stupid this month but if this happens on a day I can come, I'll be there!

I'm also mostly in LQA/SLU but I guess we still have a bus system for a little while, so location's not too critical for me.
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I live in Queen Anne. Location is pretty critical for me, but only insofar I like indoors and reasonably comfy -- I'm sun sensitive (goth.as.fuck, right?) and a booth fan.

Roxy's Backdoor in Fremont is a good place! They take reservations for groups, have vittles and it's convo friendly.
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A couple other ideas that seem mefi enough:

Ada's on 15th is pretty library quiet, but the back room (where the coding books are) can be reserved for social stuff and they have pretty good veg food and beer/wine. I have been jealous of every social gathering I've seen here. That's Capitol Hill, within stumbling distance of Broadway, but also on the same block as a bunch of good bars and restaurants. There's the schmancy bar connected to Olympia Spaghetti House across the street, Hopvine's, Grim's is close enough...

Still vote for Roxy's Backdoor, though. I have two longterm meetup groups going steady there - they deal with groups really well. And Fremont is easy peasy to deal with compared to QA or the hill.
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I'm in. Gainfully unemployed for the next month, so drinkin' and hollerin' is pretty much right in my sweet spot right now.
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Pretty swamped this month. If it winds up being the "June" sort of May, I might be down. Glad this is happening either way.
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Like hatti and Kwine, I'm a busy entity for the nearest future, but enthused about the idea.
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I'd prefer "June" type of May as well.
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I just moved here (to the Eastside) would be thrilled to meet y'all.
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I'm more likely to show up in Cap Hill than Queen Anne; Queen Anne is kinda terra incognito for me.

I'm also gonna be in Portland from the middle of this week to the end of the month, so if it does end up being in May you can safely ignore my opinions.
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I think I'll peg it to the first weekend of June. Deadlines always seem to move Bureaucratic matters forward.

Now for a place. Probably Capitol Hill, considering it's central location and density of bars. Now we just need to find a place...
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St. John's seemed to work out well last time, but I'm friends with the head chef so I would think so. There's also the Unicorn/Narwhal, which has some bigger seating areas; same for the Capitol Hill Elysian, and they'll take reservations. Von Trapp's has huge tables but is an utter shambolic nightmare on the weekends. Smith on 15th was also pretty good to us a few months ago, but we'd definitely want a reservation for that one and we'd want to be a little more aggressive about rsvps.
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I was here in this thread, being noncommittal.
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I am a fan of Elysian's incredibly dark beers, so I vote for this. They also have pretty big tables (if I remember right) and space so we could do it there.
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Hey, I just moved here too. Moving down to Queen Anne in a month. Down for whatever's cool in this town, and stoked to meet y'all.
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Yeah, if we're really looking at 15+ people, we'll want to lock down reservations asap.
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Elysian is def cool. As are the Unicorn / Narwhal.
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I haven't been to a MeFi event in Seattle and I would very much like to join. Ada's is a fantastic idea, and I think the owners would be into it. If we end up hanging out past their hours, Harry's bar across the street (attached to Olympia) has a very pleasant loungey area.
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I may actually try to attend.
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So, Google has decided that '1247 15th Ave E.' is in Volunteer Park. Is this indeed the case?
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Appears to be, if you consider Yahoo Maps a viable corroborating source. Heh.
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Have we made any final decisions about the venue yet?
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The Elysian, as I recall, can be very loud. Not a hollerin' fan.
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I'm game now that we're talking about the hill.
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I am going to make reservations with Elysian tomorrow unless anyone objects in the next....say 12 hours
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I have no idea if I can make it yet but the Elysian is comfortable.

Y2karl, I and I'm sure others would love to see you, but there aren't many non-hollerin' places on Cap Hill. Meetup is proposed for the purposes of hollerin', too. The Elysian is generally quieter than most hollerin' places.

BTW, the newish Chuck's Hop Shop in the CD on Union is a meetup waiting to happen and is much less hollerin'. They should even have a patio soon. The place is epic.
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I am confirming the place as Elysian in Cap Hill. When trying to make a reservation they wanted a confirmed number and I cannot give them a range of 8-20 people, therefore I'm going to make the reservation in 24 hours for the number of people who are Confirmed coming, and not Maybe coming.

So if you wish to go, ye must confirm so please!
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Awesome, I was just at the Elysian last night! See you next week!
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All right! I'm stoked to meet y'all.
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Looks like I have room in my schedule, hopefully I'll see y'all there!
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Existential Dread, I remember you now, you signed up because of our shared love for Lady Gaga mashed up with Meshuggah. Welcome to town, looking forward to spotting you a beer.
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The Brewery requests that the party be 3/4ths populated by the time of the reservation, so I'm going to set it for 30 minutes earlier so we have time to meet, possibly in the lobby or nearby.
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There's an away Sounders game at 5:30, so that'll be done by 7:30, and I can run right over after that (I'll probably be watching at the lobby bar just around the corner).
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Ok, Capitol Hill is a nightmare to park in, and I don't take the bus up there ever since the "cutting his toenails" guy, but! I'm curious enough about all of you that I'm going to try to make it.
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The Seattle Central Community College parking lot on Harvard and Pine is $5 for the whole night starting from around 5 pm or so, although with no in/out privileges. If I'm going to be anywhere within five-seven blocks of there, it's easily the best deal going, and they almost always have spots.
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Errant, I'm going to take that as an invitation.
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I am going to be leaving from the Eastside in time for the start and returning about midnight, if people need a ride.
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Indeed, if anyone else wants to watch the Sounders game beforehand, please feel free to join palegirl and me.
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Yes, I am driving from interbay. If you can fit in the back of a newish Volkwagen Beetle (it's really quite ok, I've had two people fit comfortably in the back seat before), I can take people West QA/Ballard-ward.
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Damn, I missed the call to RSVP. Can I still come, or will they be mad? (Still not sure if I can, but would like to know if I def. can't/shouldn't.)
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Looks like I may not make it now because of boyfriend scheduling this week! Poot.
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I might swing by, as it's right near my house. But Monogamy Party is playing their last show ever, so it won't be for long.
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I might take you up on that Errant. I'll Probably swing by 7ish?
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The game starts at 5:30, so it'll be mostly over by 7, but we'll definitely still be there.
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@ bar, black shirt & green hat
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En route from the UW. Will try Errant's parking suggestion.
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Back area, ask for Leo at front desk
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Shit I forgot about this! Be there in 15-ish.
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Winning this meetup will be difficult. But I shall.
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Sorry I missed you guys - turned my ankle in exubrence for this lovely day, have been in the process of determining it's not broken and getting a shiny Darth Vader boot all afternoon/evening. More IRL in Seattle would be a Good Thing. I'm moving into a high rise ish building with a community/movie room and roof top lounge -- I'd volunteer that space!
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Great meetup everyone! I have tentative plans to make one for August, perhaps sooner, if there's interest.
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I totally won, and am still winning.
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Ok - this was a lot of fun! Thank you all!
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Twas fun! And Errant did totally win.
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