Sayonara to Lutoslawski
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Sat June 14 at 5:00 PM, Greg_Ace's house
4414 Southeast Center Street, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Lutoslawski will be leaving us for more academic environs in early July, so I propose a send-off meetup Saturday June 14 with plenty of food and libations.
I fully intend to fire up the BBQ smoker, so if people want to either bring meats by ahead of time for smoking or chip in a few bucks toward a BBQ fund (MeMail me if interested), and/or bring whatever food and drink makes them happy, it'll be All Good.

It's what he would have wanted.
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Also, mint juleps! I'll be sure to have plenty of mint-infused simply syrup and crushed ice on hand, so bring on the bourbon! Or, hell, bring on the rum and we'll make mojitos instead...I'm easy.
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This will be the second goodbye party for Lutoslawski that we've had. Here's hoping there's a third! Or something?

I've got a bunch of mint in my garden, so I can bring that by ahead of time.
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Again? Where to this time?
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This seems like a more auspicious departure than the last one. As long as it's not the weekend of the 21st, I am there to with him well.
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Late June may not work for us depending on how other plans shake out; how about Sat. the 14th or Sun. the 15th?
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Wait, what wasn't auspicious about moving to a cabin in the frozen north and hermiting out, making some music?

Also, the weekend of the 7/8 isn't great for me (weekend before finals).
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It's looking like the weekend of the 14th / 15th, then. Any objections?
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I'm not doing much in June but packing and enjoying my time left in Portland. The 14th or 15th works totally fine for me.

Also, shucks guys. This sounds fun. I'm sorry I can never make up my mind about permanence.

Dersins, Iowa City.
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(Not as in wobblies, obvs)
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I wish the IWW! Much less cool though - AuD/PhD (Audiology). I'm really into ear wax so...

But hopefully my leaving isn't too much of A Thing and this is a good time meat eating festival. I would be down to bring meat beforehand or can contribute to a fund if that's easier. I will also bring Scotch.
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hopefully my leaving isn't too much of A Thing

If it makes you feel any better, I'll claim I'm just using you as a convenient excuse for a party.
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I mean don't get me wrong, I am always happy to be an excuse for a party.
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As long as it's not your wake, eh?
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I haven't heard any complaints to the idea of the weekend of the 14th/15th, so I'm making this official - Saturday June 14th, at, say, 5pm. Speak up if you have a better idea!
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This is a week away, so I'm reminding anyone who wants to bring meat by early for me to smoke (or mint leaves for juleps!) can MeMail me to discuss further. I'm already planning to provide ribs and a bit of smoked salmon. Apart from that people can just bring whatever food and/or beverages they feel like toting, no biggie.

I've got tables and chairs for 14 people. Unless the Yes list suddenly swells beyond that, I think we're set.
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I am upgrading from "maybe" to yes. I'll bring some snacky thing and beer, probably.
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Hooray! I am bringing scotch I think and some kind of eating thing. Greg, do we need more meat? I could bring you meat...but I don't know enough about smoking (meat) to know what would work...
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I find scotch to be more fun to drink than sit on but chacun a son gout I guess.

Whether we "need" more meat is debatable, but I'm sure we'd welcome it. As for what kind, I originally figured I'd do a rack of baby back pork ribs (along with some salmon to make a dip), which now that the attendance is beginning to swell would mean about one rib per person. We could do another rack, or it would probably be cheaper and more fruitful to smoke a chicken or a pork roast. Or just bring other non-smoked stuff instead and it's all good, but I don't mind smoking more meat if that's what people want!
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baby back pork ribs (along with some salmon to make a dip)

Just to clarify that murky sentence, I am NOT adding the ribs to the salmon dip. They're entirely different kinds of foods, altogether!
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I think I'll bring some salsa and chips. I usually buy the green stuff, because it's the not-so-spicy one- but if people are interested in one of the others, I can pick that up at the farmer's market tomorrow too. (Be aware that if you voice interest, you might be going home with the leftovers, because it's probably going to be too spicy for me!)
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Per suggestion, we are bringing salad stuff. Also pesto, and some tortilla wraps. Maybe also some pineapple?
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Sir, I will eat that pineapple.
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Seeing as how it's going to be a little cooler than I originally expected, it's conceivable that we might wish to build a fire outside in my handy-dandy little brazier dealie. If we wanted to, of course...I know we've got a couple of latent firebugs in our group, while others may not care so much.

However, I've finally used up all my firewood, so someone would need to bring some. If they wanted to.
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I'm coming, and I'll be bringing beer.
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I'm bringing something sweet.
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I'm not going to make it, but I'm sending cortex with the salsa, some soap for fiercekitten and nick, and something for Lutoslawski to use against the white walkers. Although now that I check a map, Iowa City is sort of south from here. Maybe it's colder, though?
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For everyone who liked the beer: it's the tripel from Payette, and I picked it up from here about SE 33rd & Hawthorne.
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I just wanted to thank everyone for a really great time - great food, great drink, great folks. I'm really going to miss you guys. I AM HAVING FEELZ ;)
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Was great to be able to send you off. Have a hell of a time in Iowa City, or at least have an academically productive one and then come back here for some hangouts.
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