My semi-annual SF sojourn
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Sun April 13 at 11:00 AM, The Grove
690 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey y'all, I'll be up in SF for the 12th for our awards show, leaving on the evening of the 13th. So, brunch on the 13th?
I think I'm staying at the Palace Hotel, despite my oft-voiced anti-aristocracy sentiments, but I believe it's in what's known as the "Market" neighborhood?
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Who doesn't love brunch? Me, that's not who!

We used to watch the Pride parade from a corner suite at the Palace, because a friend got it as a perk for her job. A very civilized way to see the parade.
posted by rtha at 6:01 PM on April 3, 2014

If I am not working, I could totally brunch.
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(PS to Klang: What's your awards show and where? I might end up working it!)
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Awards show is at the Palace on the 12th, it looks like.

And yeah, good for brunch.
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I can see your historic Hotel from my kitchen!

I am very soundly, perhaps even stridently, in favor of brunch.
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I dunno what the staffing for the event looks like; I'm more involved in LA. But it's the Equality Awards, which honor, uh, mid-level state elected officials for their support of LGBT stuff. But last year, I danced with Dolores Huerta, and got weirdly adopted by a stand-up comedian who thought I was both gay and Jewish, and insisted on having me chaperone her around. At least at the LA one, I kinda think it's more fun to work it than to sit through the program.
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Unfortunately, I have to work that day. Enjoy your brunch!
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I like brunch and can potentially brunch that day.
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I would like to have brunch. Anyone have any ideas for a place that has decent eggs and doesn't have a two hour wait?
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I will be in Montreal for a conference that week. Sorry to miss!
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I'd love to go, as long as I can get back to the Haight by 3PM for my TIC owners meeting.
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I am a fan of brunching, particularly with MeFites.
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Ooh brunching. I approve of brunching.
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I have a volunteer thing from 10-12 but am free after that, or can join the group wherever you are. Last time klang was in town we had brunch at The Ramp, which is good if the weather's nice.
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I, too, am a brunch fan, provided we can avoid the afore-mentioned two hour wait.
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Huh. Well, we do shows at the Palace, and I'm spending more time in hotels now that I don't have blue hair. So maybe I'll be working it. Who knows?
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I've got visitors coming that weekend, so this one's a no for me. :(
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Oh man, if you are at the Palace you should get reservations if you can and brunch there in the Garden Court. Since (as I've seen it noted here previously) brunch is a competitive sport in SF, somewhere that takes reservations is not a bad idea anyway. (I have a book club that day, so sadly can't make it.)
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obolquy: that sounds like a great idea!
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Aww, jesus, that place looks fright'ning nice. I wonder how many they could take a reservation for.
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The Garden Court is lovely, but you're very definitely paying high hotel prices for mediocre hotel food. Not the best brunch to be had in SF for that price, and a bit out of our price range at that. We'd likely beg off if that's what you would like to plan. We'd be happy to meet you after for a drink, though!
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gingerbeer: Do you know somewhere good that does take reservations? Most of the places I like for brunch don't.
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Not really -- most of the places I go don't take reservations either. I think that's why we ended up at The Ramp last time -- it can take the usual uncertain numbers of a mefi meetup and doesn't have too long a wait. If the Garden Court price works for everyone else, please do it and we'll meet up after. The Palace is definitely accessible and convenient.
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The Ramp was good. I was looking for the menu for the Garden and couldn't find it. I'm vegetarian, and sometimes old-style places like that can be pretty limited. Plus, honestly, if it's that expensive, I'd rather go to a place that more people can afford.
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I was just excited about the prospect of a decent brunchery that I can see from my kitchen. Which I guess would mean you'll be able to see into my kitchen while staying in that hotel. Luckily for everyone my kitchen window is well above pants level.

Anyway, I'm up for anywhere. Another option is to just go somewhere that gets crowded but send a couple people ahead to put a name and number on the list an hour early, and then hang out there or elsewhere in the meanwhile. I'll volunteer for that, extra doubly so if someone's willing to hang out with me in that hour.
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The menu's on the site obloquy linked in their comment above.
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For a large group, an hour early might be optimistic. Brunch in San Francisco is crazy. There are a few places that take reservations, but they tend to be a bit pricier. I've been to Bluestem Brassaerie for just that reason (large party, some people from out of town) and they are pricey but not out of control pricey and it was, well, better than I was expecting. (I'll admit I had low expectations considering the location.)

I've also had pretty good luck with walkins at Serpentine.
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gingerbeer: holy cow $85 for brunch is ridiculous. I can not believe it could possibly be good enough to warrant that.
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Yeah, uh, I work at a non-profit, so $85 for a brunch is not something that I can contemplate without a rich patron swooping in, which I find fairly unlikely.
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Blue Stem looks okay if not cheap price-wise, though parking might be tough for those who are driving. Serpentine might be nice too, but not necessarily convenient for KK.
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Serpentine's not super-close to the Palace Hotel, but it's super easy by MUNI. (walk zero blocks, get on the KT, wait 20 minutes, get off and walk 1 block)
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I didn't remember how expensive the Garden Court was (I must not have paid last time!); I just remembered limitless amounts of fresh blackberries and eating lots and lots and lots of food. I'll be watching to see what other suggestions come up.
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Serpentine is awesome, but it's a) spendy and b) gonna be atrocious for a group larger than 4 or 6.

The Grove on Mission by 3rd is convenient to the Palace, relatively inexpensive, and large enough that a bigger group shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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Oh, and complicating matters in SOMA/Dogpatch: the Giants are in town and playing at 1:05 that day.
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Maybe we should just make this a bring-your-own-burrito meetup at Zeitgeist.
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... or there's this great place just a few blocks down Valencia from there...
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But do they have fries there?
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No way I'm going to Dogpatch if there's a Giants game. Is Bluestem too pricey? It seems like a good option, given that it's right near public transit and takes RSVPs.
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I'm in! I've been meaning to go to one of these IRL meetups for ages.
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Also, I went to The WestWood last week. They take reservations (even at relatively short notice in SF, meaning any time less than a week) and weren't completely packed even at the height of the brunch period. Food was great, too. That might be an option.
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WestWood looks great, and I can take Bart!
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I would totally eat brunch at that place. With my face.
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Of those, The Grove looks the best for vegetarians. How rough would parking be for thems what drives? I'm gonna enjoy the fine public transit of your peninsula, but I realize that not everyone relishes a bus ride.

(Just browsing on Yelp, it looks like the Butler and Chef could be another option, or Triptych, or Pomelo…)
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There are several large parking garages within a few blocks of The Grove, and it's far enough away from the ballpark that they shouldn't be *too* affected by the game.

The Butler and the Chef is great, but it's on the small side and (more importantly) way way way too close to the ballpark. South Park will be swarming with Giants fans and parking will be a disaster.
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Brunch is ridiculous in most places. I live around the corner from Zazie, but I've never been able to make it there for brunch with the line running around the block and more than an hour wait.
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Grove looks fine (the one on Mission and 3rd, right?).
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Yeah, let's do it.
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Fine by me. gingerbeer will join us when her volunteer gig is done.
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11am is brunch o'clock.
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I'll be there.
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I was wrong, and am not a careful reader. Have a lovely meal.
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Hey, look at that, I just found out today that I have to work!

I am Jack's total lack of surprise. And also total lack of meetup.
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See you there!
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Is anyone making any kind of reservation? Should I?
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You should, aubilenon, because I am drunk off of equality and the free (bourbon) Manhattans that the Palace Hotel has seen fit to provide me. Otherwise, we'll just show up and be like, "Hey!" and if they don't seat us we'll I dunno go somewhere else? SF seems competitive on BRUNCH in a way I don't understand because black tie in LA means a t-shirt with a tuxedo printed on it.
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Oops, well somehow it's 4 AM so I'm not going to get up early to make reservations. But I will get up in time to be there in time to eat brunch.
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So, how on-the-dot-of-eleven are folks likely to be? I'm trying to get out the door, but given the transit situation there's no way I could get there before 11:30, maybe later. (Argh.)
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I am on a bus because my options were get there early or get there late and I really hate being late. So. I will see if I can get a table for a dozen-ish? I am undercaffeinated though so who knows what will happen.
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BART is late! Please save a seat for me.
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Also running late, but am on Muni. Wearing a bright orange dress with a black poncho.
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I'm en route. Are other people gathering?
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I'm running a bit late, as my drunken message last night may have presaged.
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I'm loitering out front and kind of in line. It's the kind of place where you order at the counter and then snag a table and they bring your food. Like frjtz. Except getting a big table might not be easy?

I'm wearing blue jeans, a blue sweater, and a grey-blue jacket.
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Running late on AC Transit over here, but on the way
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Yeah so I'm gonna loiter out front until there's at least two of us, which makes getting and holding a table easier. I'm leaning on the tree.
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Me and aubilenon are inside waiting to order.
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We have a table! Inside, right hand corner. Purple tshirt guy with a beard is aubilenon and short-haired blue-sweatered dyke.
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We're in the corner trying to hold down some tables
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I am also here but don't recognize anyone. Do we have a table?
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Yes! Far right hand corner. Look for bearded guy in purple tshirt!
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Just heard about this this morning. Will pop in, in a few!
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I just added a photo of klang, rtha, and chatongriffes

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Sorry I had to duck out early! It was tons of fun meeting people from the interwebs. A++, would do again.
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