yeah, New York is nice that time of year
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Thu April 24 at 6:00 PM, 2A
25 Avenue A, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey, MeFiNYC! Come to 2A at 6PM on Thursday 4/24 for beverages and camaraderie.
I'll be visiting your fine city for ~1/4 of next month (Monday 4/21 to Monday 4/28) and would absolutely love to meet up with one or more of y'all while I'm out there.

* home base: South Slope/Prospect Park West
* nearest MTA line: F/G, obv
* blackout dates: 4/26 & 4/27
* someplace that has or is near an establishment that offers vegan food would be fantastic (RIP Foodswings)
* my usual hangouts: Buttermilk, Commonwealth, Boat Bar, Turkey's Nest, Hi-Fi, Ace Bar, The Library, B Side

What say you, locals? First round's on me!

Let us lay claim to the fancy couches upstairs at 2A, starting sometime right around 6PM. Backup venue: The Library.

I'll be heading to see the inimitable Patrick Park at Rockwood Music Hall (Orchard at Houston) afterward if you'd like to round out your evening with a sad and beautiful folk show.

(First round's still on me!)
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I should be able to make it any day but 4/23. (Is April really next month already? Wow.)
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I can't commit to anything without a solid date and time of course, but if I'm around I'd love to get together or swing by a meetup.

Right now my calendar for that week is completely empty.

As a random aside, I just glanced through your posting history. I'm currently recovering from orthognathic surgery/braces/general face fixing for adults and would be happy to tell you alllllllll about it if you haven't figured it out yet.
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Oh, hey, me too. Ditto to all of unannihilated's comment.
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Awesome! I'm actually getting my very first bit of dental work done next week (!!) so I'm sure I'll have a ton of questions about all that fun stuff.

I know we're still more than a month out, but how does this sound for the beginnings of a plan: Thursday 4/24 or Friday 4/25 for happy hour and board games at The Levee, possibly to be followed by slices at Vinnie's [PDF menu]? Both places are a ~5 minute walk from the Bedford Av/N 7th St L.

Or if Alphabet City would be preferable to Williamsburg, maybe HiFi (1st Av L/2nd Av F)?
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I like to avoid W'burg on Friday nights if possible since it is crazy crowded (The Bedford Ave L stop is the only train station that gets more traffic on weekends than during rush hour) so my vote is either Levee on Thursday or HiFi on Friday!
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Right now I'm fine with any of those days and locations!
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I vote any day but wednesday.
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Just found out that one of my favorite musicians in the world is playing at Rockwood Music Hall at 9:30PM on Thursday 4/24, so I'm gonna move us from BK to MH to shorten my trek. Anyone who likes heartbreakingly sad folk singers is more than welcome to join me, natch.

The Plan, until further notice: Let's go sit on the fancy couches upstairs at 2A as a first choice, and dive over to The Library as a backup/overfill/next stop if needed. (This is happening at 8PM, but we might be able to just pop downstairs.)

Hope to see y'all in a few weeks!
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I probably won't make it for 6, but I should be able to get there before everyone leaves :)
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What ethand said. I get off work at 6:30.
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I had to switch to Maybe - took yesterday off as a sick day, will have to see how the day goes (I don't think it's anything contagious, just allergy-induced probably)
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Aw, hope you feel better soon! I'll roll in at 6 to hold down the fort for any/everyone who needs to swing by later, and will drop a note with updated whereabouts if need be. Otherwise, just head to the upstairs bar at 2A - I'll try to grab us a couch with a street view. See you all tonight!
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Foooooood. I will need food after work. Can anyone recommend a good place nearby? Looks like this joint doesn't serve food.
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If you're OK with pizza, there's Two Boots at 42 Ave A or Pala at 198 Allen.

2A is at 25 Ave A so both places are very close by!
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I'll be there by 6:30!
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Thanks for the recommendations. I won't be there until after 7, but I'll be there.
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Logistical issues; still coming, eta 6:45.
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OK, there's an event being set up upstairs, so I snagged the booth at the bottom of the stairs! I'm the weird-looking lady with glasses & a striped button-up shirt.
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Heading to the F train now, will be there after however long it takes to find food.
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Thanks so much for coming out, y'all, it was awesome to meet you. (And thanks especially for walking me back to the F train at the end of the night. That was supremely generous, kind, and heartily appreciated.)

Until we meet again: High-fives all around, MeFiNYC!
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