Providence/SE MA Meetup
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It's 2014. Time to finally plan the meetup I've been thinking about for years. I live in North Attleboro, about 30 minutes north of Providence, and am willing to host something in my neck of the woods or the general vicinity. At a restaurant? A bar? A library? An abandoned factory down by the river? I'm definitely looking for feedback, suggestions, creative co-hosts...
I'd love to get together someplace fairly intimate and quiet for chatting purposes, though I can't quite think of someplace off the top of my head. There are a few small restaurants in my town and a fairly large Mexican place with a spacious bar nearby. There is also a large meeting room in the Attleboro library (totally different town) that would be good for a board game/pot-luck event.
I don't know places in Providence that well. There may be someplace in Seekonk or Pawtucket that you know of that is perfect. Chime in if you have an idea.
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I've traveled further for meetups, so I'll put myself down as a maybe. I'm not familiar with the area though, so I'll leave it up to others to suggest places.

I like intimate and quiet. Beer would be a nice addition.
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I'd be up for it if I am around at the time. Anyone know anything about Lili Malene's, or Justine's in PVD? I have only been to PVD a few times, and I think I've only been at the Trinity, which is LOUD.
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I am in the Providence area. I would like to meetup if I can, depending on what day gets chosen.

I have been to a meetup at the Red Fez, in Providence, which is one of my favorite restaurant/bar combos. It is smallish and intimate -- good for a group of 6-10 or so. There is an upstairs and a downstairs. The upstairs could accommodate a larger group, probably, as there are smaller tables that could be pushed together.

Lili Marlene's I would classify in the same sort of way -- it has these gorgeous deep red velvet booths and is great for smallish groups. Also a pool table.

No experience with Justine's.

So depending on the size of the group expected, one of those might work.
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Yeah, Trinity is pretty loud, although the downstairs is quieter. The Fez can be pretty noisy, too. The Kitchen Bar is quieter, but it has pretensions and is more expensive. The Duck and Bunny is quiet, but unsuited to groups. There are a few bars on Wickenden that are quiet, at least early in the evening, but they don't serve food, I think. Hmmmm.

If we wanted to do a board game day, the Rochambeau library has a room we might be able to get.
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I have never been to Red Fez, and that needs to change.
Duck and Bunny is wonderful, but I feel crowded there with just my family.
Has anyone been to New Harvest Coffee and Spirits in the Arcade? I think they only do baked goods, but their drinks menu looks lovely.
The more I read about Lili Marlene's the more intrigued I get. Yelp makes it sound like simultaneously the most sophisticated AND the most sketchy place ever.
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I like New Harvest, but it might be a tight fit if all of us 'maybes' show up.
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I'm interested in getting to know PVD better, and am game for anything depending on the scheduling.
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Lili Marlene's is dark and loud. It's one of the bars in Federal Hill that close the latest, so it attracts the late-night stragglers from the other bars.

I've been curious about The Abbey myself. However, I've only been there once on a weekday afternoon and haven't actually had their food, so I lack the basis for a recommendation.
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I'd be interested in coming if it's somewhere near the commuter rail!
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This just occurred to me:

Good bit of space and a nice selection of craft beers. I found it a pretty good place acoustics-wise even when it filled up a bit.
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I, too, am interested in this meetup. I am occasionally in Southern MA and would be glad to go if it was possible. Any dates mentioned? 17th or 18th a possibility?
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Actually, the Wild Colonial is a good bet. It looks like they improved their food options a bit, and there was always plenty of room, at least early in the evening. It's not terribly far from the train station (maybe half a mile?)
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Also, the 18th would be good for me. The 17th is also possible, but slightly harder.
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I'm in NYC that weekend, alas.
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A quick glance at the map, and I'm embarrassed for not having been to the Abbey before. Train station to Abbey would likely feature a taxi (which they do have at the station).

I have been to Wild Colonial, and the acoustics are pretty good; the walls are stone and/or underground. Food was decent last year, I guess. It's a 3/4 mile walk from the train station, along the river.
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So, is this meetup in danger of fizzling out?
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Sadly, I think it is. Anyone up for this Friday at the Wild Colonial at 6 or 7pm?
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I'll be out of town.

I'll look into posting a new meetup once I get back.
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Anyone up for this Friday at the Wild Colonial at 6 or 7pm?

Probably yes. Earlier better than later unless my train is late.
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OK, I do not want to usurp this IRL, but I will propose this. If I get at least one other person to agree to show, I will be at the Wild Colonial on Friday, 17 January from about 5pm to 7pm. We can treat this as "casing the joint" to see if the venue would be a good place for future meet-ups. I would kind of like to get a regular sort of thing going, but we obviously need to find a venue. Any takers?
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I'll come if a few people are (otherwise it's kind of a schlep.) Is there a way to change this from Proposed to Upcoming so people can see that folks are meeting up?
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Ok, actually I don't think I'm going to be able to make it. Definitely for the future though!
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I see nobody is on board for tonight, so I am going to withdraw the suggestion, although the Wild Colonial is probably a good place for a meetup.

If you would like, Biblio, I would see if it's possible to get a room at one of the community libraries for a games day/pot luck, maybe in mid-February.
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