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Tue December 31 at 7:30 PM, Brooklyn Tap House. Followed by steam whistles at Pratt.
590 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
A spin off from the other New Years meetup thread. Things that are known: wanting to go to the steam whistles at Pratt; wanting to eat, drink, and be merry beforehand. Things that are unknown: Where and when to eat, drink, and be merry.
Taking suggestions! I'm thinking, ideally, it would be closish to Pratt in the Fort Greene / Clinton Hill area. I haven't had much time to research, but wanted to hurry up and throw this out there. I will look into stuff later, but in the meantime if someone already has good suggestions, then save me the work!

Pratt is here.

Time ideas? I'm thinking 7 or 8. Agree or disagree?
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I feel like I am domineering all IRL threads these days, so I'll just note that when I went to hear/see the whistles last year, I showed up around 11:15 and it worked out (time to wander around the grounds, not so much time you freeze to death). So I think 7:30 if we want to eat first, 8:30 if we just wanna get drinks is probably good for start times.

Since food/drink is basically all my hobbies, I can suggest places to go, but I will wait and see if anyone else has ideas first (see first clause of first sentence).

Thanks, wintrymix, for organizing!
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I have no idea how it would be on NYE but I rather liked Maggie Brown which is a quarter mile away.

They have a nice patio so there'd be some good space. Oh, wait, NYE might be cold, huh.
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This sounds awesome, I'd love to meet you guys.
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I also stumbled across The Brooklyn Tap House, which I've never been to, but it's big, serves food, seems like it might be more casual, and does not appear to be cash only (which Maggie Brown is, in case that matters to anyone). Also, if you like beer, it seems pretty amazing.

I haven't been to either place. If anyone has strong opinions on this matter, let your voice be heard!
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I would like to go, but I whine & whinge when I am cold. My first meetup probably shouldn't subject everyone to this, so I am a maybe. I am down for food and drinks before, too.
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I hear that. I am dreading the cold part. But at least the first part should be warm enough. Don't tell anyone, but if it's miserably cold I might run away.
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I won't run away from the cold but as wintrymix can attest, I am a whiner and a whinger so you will fit right in if you come to the bar beforehand!
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Do we have any location/time confirmed?
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I'll take that as an endorsement.
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Going to try to make the Tap House, I'll have my husband, and a friend in tow. How do I know when I encounter the right table full of People From the Internet?
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Nthing....I haven't been to a meetup in a while and have met some of the maybes,but none of the confirmed.
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Is there anyone coming to this meet-up who can also go to this one?
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Oh my god YES! Thanks for the heads-up, blasdelb.
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Kellyblah, you'll just know. The Mefites table always seems to be having the more interesting, thoughtful conversation.
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I can wear my MeFi shirt so you can know us, kellyblah!
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And this here thread will be updated by someone with our whereabouts in the bar and identifying markings.
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Excellent. We'll get there between 8.30 & 9pm. I'll try to dress warm.
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Gothamist story on the event at Pratt.

I am not sure what I am doing tonight but I am wishing the gloves I ordered were here already!
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Just put some socks, a.k.a. mittens, on your hands.
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We are heading out presently, and expect to be there between 8 and 8:30.
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We are here! Ye shall know us by our Metafilter T-shirts.
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We're about 60-90m away, I'm in black, with purple .
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Google's telling me I'm about an hour away. See y'all soon...ish.
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We have found food and tables and better music at the Brooklyn Public House on De Kalb. Yay!
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ok, we're about to head to the steam whistles. Hope we find you guys again.
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We are heading over.
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Sorry to miss you guys.

Verizon was supposed to show up at 8 am yesterday and never did. I spent most of the night before straightening up and wound up falling asleep at 5pm.
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It was awesome! Sorry to have missed kellyblah on campus. It was cold, and as soon as I left the sheltered confines of the crowd I realized that it was BRRRR. So we hightailed it for the G. Thanks for organizing, wintrymix! I loved whistling in the new year with you all!
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It got more crowded than I thought. We were by the big whistles, near the guy with the triangle. And now I have all this leftover champagne-like stuff (it wasn't that good, you guys didn't miss much).
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We may have witnessed the final year! Thanks to mlle valentine for suggesting and to all you fine folks who made it out. I hope you find a good use for the leftovers, kellyblah.
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