Ronald McDonald House Hyde Park Dinner -- A New Hope
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Sat January 11 at 4:30 PM, Ronald McDonald House -- Hyde Park
5444 South Drexel Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
RMH Janurary DINNER: We continue to have a great time cooking dinner for people at the Hyde Park Ronald McDonald House (5444 South Drexel Avenue, Chicago, IL) so we're doing it again on 1/11/14 starting around 4:30 and finishing around 8:30 with dinner served at 6. It's like a potluck that we all make together at their kitchen, and also feed families of sick kids.
This is Janurary dinner. We're also doing brunch in February. It's thread is here. As you may guess from the title of the event, we've done this a few times before. All the Ronald McDonald House events are listed here.

Hyde Park RMH asks that we have no more than 12 people. I don't think that should be a problem, but keep that in mind.

At Hyde Park, they ask us to cook for 25 people plus the group of us that comes, and to have dinner ready around 6. I'm happy to help coordinate menus and food amounts and anything else that might need coordinating.

For those that haven't done this before -- they have kitchens in the houses that are well stocked with standard kitchen ware and utensils and tools We will bring the food along for cooking. Spices they sometimes have, and sometimes don't, so it's safer to bring, but if you forget and it's common, don't worry. It may be hard to find, but they'll have oil, salt, pepper and some other things. They're happy with us cooking whatever menu that we'd like, but to remember that we're cooking for a variety of people with a variety of tastes, so multiple dishes work better than one giant pot of stew so that everyone will be able to eat. One of the times we went, we were a little pork heavy on our dishes and would have succeeded slightly better with more pork-free options. So, what do you want to make (yourself, or as a suggestion for the group menu). Please do make suggestions, otherwise I'll accidently come up with something that's a lot of work for everyone like pierogi from scratch.

For those wanting to go, but concerned about distance, carpooling with someone else in the thread is definitely an option, so don't let that hold you back.

I'm basically in copy and paste mode with these, so let me know if I'm missing some key thing in the invites.
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Unless other people have other ideas, I'd like to propose doing some sort of taco/burrito bar with a bunch of relevant side dishes. I like it because it gives folks with dietary restrictions a lot of customizable options without anyone feeling like they have to eat the "special" food.


Also, I ought to be able to actually come to this one!
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I approve of this suggestion. And for inspiration I'd like to link to taco fancy.
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That's a great idea! And I can make churros!
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No idea what I'll contribute, but I will give it some thought.
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Hey, this is in like 2 weeks! Tacos still what we want to do?
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Tacos works for me. I can do peppers with onions (one mild, one not) and a veggie filling option. Maybe soyrizo with beans. Or just beans.

Will we have hard shells and tortillas?
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grr... some other group is doing tacos 2 days before we are. How about pasta buffet?
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I'll bring soft corn and flour tortillas. I live really close to the El Milagro factory and I think it's basically illegal for me to not buy their tortillas.

My local grocery store also has ALL THE PEPPERS and cilantro for pennies. So if you guys want to give me an ingredient item shopping list, I'll take care of that.

I know it's not cannon, but I'll make the cilantro lime rice like they do at Chipotle. I'll also bring (the best) tortilla chips and some salsas.

Any kind of veg you guys want me to pick up, I'm on it. Just let me know!

I'm also kind of tempted to try making a tres leches cake. Hmm...
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I'd be down for pasta. I'll do a goat cheese and this thing pasta thing and I'll do half and half with GF pasta.

And I'll make poached pears for a dessert option.
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I may do something like roasted veggies and another side, if we go with a pasta buffet.
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since it's coming up, and they've asked for the menu, this is what I'll submit. If you change your mind or want to add to it, no worries.

pasta buffet featuring:

goat cheese, pepper and artichoke pasta by phunniemee
roasted veggies by crush
mystery side by crush
italian sausage by garlic
simple rotini and marina by garlic
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I'll do fried polenta.
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And ice cream profiteroles, I think.
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I think my mystery side will be crushed chickpea soup (it's vegetarian--I suppose it's vegan, actually, if you don't put the sour cream on it when you serve it) and a loaf or two of bread. I'll likely make it up ahead of time.
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I'm a bit confused... are we making a bunch of dry pasta and then letting the guests pick from an assortment of sauces or are we doing self-contained pasta dishes? I'd gladly make an alfredo-y chicken type sauce-up regardless.
Alternatively, I could just make a big salad if that would better balance the menu.
Awaiting clarification...
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Boyfriend is coming and he says he would like to make baked mostaccioli, which firefox wants to spell check into moustachioed for some reason. I was envisioning lots of different types of pasta dishes but now Cold Lurkey's comment is making me have doubts. I'm confused.

My pasta thing I'm planning is cold. For clarification. In case anyone was wondering.
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I was under the impression we meant "variety of pasta dishes on a buffet", not "variety of naked cooked pasta noodles with available sauces". BUT I am making soup and roasted veggies for sides, so I may not know what I'm talking about.
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let's say italian buffet instead for less confusion? I was imagining dry pasta with variety of sauces, but If your pasta and sauce should be baked, no problem. If there's no compelling reason they have to be together, maybe we have 1 or 2 pastas followed by 1 or 2 sauces, followed by combined pasta dishes.

Italian Buffet :

salad by Cold Lurkey
cold goat cheese, pepper and artichoke pasta by phunniemee
baked mostaccioli by phunniemee's guest
simple rotini and marina by garlic
italian sausage by garlic
roasted veggies by crush
crushed chickpea soup by crush
fried polenta by eamondaly
poached pears by phunniemee
icecream profiteroles by eamondaly

look good to everybody?
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the volunteer coordinator was impressed with our menu. I believe the population count is 30 plus us.
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I'll do garlic bread! Thematic and crowd-pleasing, hopefully. (I talked to crush already to make sure we didn't double up on the bread.)
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By the way, Dave: you can tell the coordinator that we'll have a nondairy dessert available.
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Crush, text me when you know what your prep time is looking like so I can pick you up at an appropriate time. I only need half an hour.
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Really delicious dinner, everyone!
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My insides still taste like garlic. Yum.
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