Honkfest 2013
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Sun October 13 at 12:00 PM, Davis Square to Harvard Square
18 Brattle Street, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey everybody, my endearingly enthusiastic, deeply amateurish, punk-styled, oldies-playing, brass and junk percussion marching band is playing at Honk! Fest, Boston's festival of activist street bands.
There are events starting tonight and going all weekend. Details on the Honk! Fest schedule page. My band, Colonel Albert Pope and the Hartford Hot Several, will be coming in on Sunday to play the parade from Davis Square to Harvard Square, and afterward to celebrate making joyous and occasionally melodious noises against tyranny and oppression.

Memail me if you want to hang out. The band are always up for hanging out.

The address is the mailing address of the Harvard Square Business Association. PLEASE NOTE that the parade starts at Davis Square in Somerville, and the parade route is on the schedule page of the website. It seems like there will be hanging out in Harvard Square afterwards. I hope to see you there.
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I was part of last years, (one of the guys on the crazy bikes). It really is a great time. Unfortunately, I am in a different time zone that day.
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We never miss it. If I see your band, I'll try to suss you out!
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Cool. I probably won't be checking memail during the event, but I'll have my phone on me so I'll be let's say semi-responsible to twitter messages (twitter handle in profile). Hope to see you there!
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Awww, I am gonna miss HONK this year. Say hi to the Bread and Puppet people for me.

When my son was 13 or so, I took him to the parade, and he informed me that it was a bunch of hipsters. I corrected him, saying, "You mean hippies, not hipsters."

Have fun!
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I'll be let's say semi-responsible to twitter messages

Semi-responsive. Ugh. Where's my coffee?
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The kids and I usually line the route. Sunday we'll be hanging out where you turn from Elm onto Beech at the bike store. We'll give a big shout and I expect a HONK! back.
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